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SunMaster is the premium choice for your tanning bed. What others sell for $19, we can offer you at $10 because we sell more tanning lamps than any other company/website. Plus, only SunMaster has the much talked about ClearTech technology (green lamps). SunMaster are the only brand to offer a Performance Guarantee so buying them is risk free. This is just one reason SunMaster is now the number one selling replacement brand in the USA.
  As low as $8.99 ea when bought in bulk
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Lamps for higher wattage beds:

*ClearTech lamps can't be rated by UVB like regular lamps because they produce a different UVB spectrum due to using a more transparent glass and different phophor mix.  The ClearTech 20 is "about as hot as" a 6.5% lamp, and the ClearTech 120R is "about as hot as a 6.5% RUVA or 8.5% HO lamp", but these are not the actual ratings.

F72 Sized Tanning Lamps (F72T12 RDC)


SunMaster is trusted by more salons for a reason.

Smart salon owners know that if you want customers to keep coming back, you have to give them great results every time, and no tanning lamp gets you darker, faster than SunMaster.

Put your trust in the tanning technology leader: SunMaster