Which SunMaster® lamp is right for me?

We make a lot of different lamps, and SunMaster incorporates a lot of patented technologies, giving you the maximum number of choices.  Sometimes, these choices can be confusing, so we created this chart to help you find the right lamp for you.  Remember, the UVB rating alone is often misleading, and not the best way to compare lamps.

At the bottom of this page, we make a few general recommendations based on different scenarios.  Most users find this very useful.

Lamp Model
+ watts, style, sizes
UVB rating Life in hours Minutes* Quick Description
Pro Reflector
100w RUVA
F71 only
2.6% 1000 20 Much higher UVA because of the reflector built into each lamp.  Lower UVB, but with reflector, actually has about the same as a 4.2% HO lamp.  Must be used in a tanning bed that has at least 24 lamps to prevent striping.  This is commonly found in higher end commercial, 20 minute beds.  Tans a little slower at first, but gives extremely dark results within a month. Best for people who are concerned about quality over speed.
Custom Bronzer
100w HO
F71 & F73
5% 800 18-22 This is the standard lamp in all standard SunMaster beds, and is a compatible match for many OEM lamps.  The 5% UVB rating is the most common and represents a good compromise between speed and depth of tan.  If you are not sure what you need, it is hard to go wrong with a 5% lamp.
Pro Bronzer
100w HO
F71 & F73
5% 1200 18-22 Same as Custom Bronzer, but long life version, lasts 50% longer.   Costs a little more, but actual cost per session is much lower due to longer life.
Pro Face
100w Dual Zone™
F71 only
5 & 6.5% 1200 17-21 Add face tanning in a bed that currently has no face tanning bulbs.  For best results, put all Pro Face in canopy of bed, and either Custom Bronzer or Pro Bronzer (best) in the bench.  Pink section over face has 6.5% UVB, while the blue section is the same as a Pro Bronzer.
Pro Body
100w Dual Zone™
F71 only
5 & 6.5% 1200 17-21 Similar to Pro Face, but half is 6.5%, half is 5%.  Replace ALL your lamps with this one, placing the pink section (label side) over your legs, for maximum leg tanning power.  Can also be used in the sides of your tanning bed to give extra power under the arms.
Power Bronzer 100
100w RUVA
F71 & F59
5% 800 13-16 RUVA lamp technology in a 6.5% lamp.  Maximum 15 minute sessions.   This is a tremendous lamp, with very high bronzing, much hotter than average, and exceptional results.  For beds with at least 24 lamps.
- - - - In development
Pro Twister
100w THO
F71 & F73
6.5%+ 1200 15-20 Internally, very similar to the Pro Plus lamp, using the same phosphor blend for long life and balanced output.  Externally, very different with the glass being modified and a twist added to the structure, giving it higher surface area (where UV is made) and overall higher output.  Slightly expensive, but very popular and legally compatible with many lamps.  Note: this is a professional grade twister, and not the 9.9% home tanning bed versions found elsewhere.
Custom Plus
100w RUVA
F71 & F73
6.5% 800 15-20 Very similar to the Custom Bronzer, but higher UVB for faster initial tanning.  Very popular for people who want something hotter than stock lamps, at a very inexpensive price.
Pro Plus
100w RUVA
F59, F71, F72, F73
6.5% 1200 15-20 Same as Custom Plus, but long life version, lasts 50% longer.  Costs a little more, but actual cost per session is much lower due to longer life.  Our number one selling lamp for professional salons.
ClearTech® 20
100w SHO
F71, F72, F73, F59
N/A 1400+ 15 New, patented technology!  Uses a new glass that transmits more UVA and UVB than any existing 100W lamp ever made.  Can't be rated by UVB like standard lamps.  Has more UVB output than a 6.5%, and over 30% more UVA.  ClearTech technology is a SunMaster exclusive and represents our finest lamps.   This is the lamp to choose if you have a 24+ lamp bed and simply want the highest bronzing action, as well as high levels of UVB.
ClearTech® 120R
120w RUVA
F71 and F73
N/A 1000 10-12 Will work in beds with 100w, 105w or 120w electronics. Super high output with RUVA reflector. Based on the ClearTech 20, but with significantly higher overall output due to reflector and lamp cathode/anode design. Designed for beds with at least 24 lamps, session times are extremely short, 10-12 minutes, making it perfect for salon owners.
ClearTech® 220
160w-200w VHO
F71 only
N/A 1000 10-15 This is the VHO version of our best selling ClearTech 20. Works great in 160w to 200w tanning beds.
ClearTech® 220R
160w-200w VHOR
F71 only
N/A 1000 10-15 The VHOR version of our best seller, the ClearTech 20. This has a built in reflector and is designed as a superior replacement for tanning beds that use Cosmolux VHR® or similar lamps. This is NOT legally compatible, due to the higher output, so it shouldn't be used in regulated states.
ClearTech® 160R
160w VHOR
Sizes F71
- - - In development. Designed for commercial salons only, for beds with 160W VHOR/VHR® lamps in the canopy.
Wildcat 8.5%
100w HO
F71 (adapts to F72)
8.5% 800 11-14 Custom Series lamp with extreme amounts of UVB, thus is not recommended for people who burn easily.  Offers maximum UVB for those who need the most melanin stimulation, or need high UVB for other applications.  Tans very fast, although not as deep as bronzer lamps.  For those who are looking for the fastest base tan, but not necessarily the darkest overall tan, this lamp performs.
Power Bronzer
160w VHOR
F71 & F59
5% 1000 10-13 Ultra premium 160W reflector lamp designed to be a   replacement for VHOR lamps, such as the Cosmolux VHR®  Can be used in 100W system, but not recommended as there are no benefits.  Specially designed and patented lamp ends make this lamp run cooler than other VHOR lamps.
Cougar 9.5%
100w HO
9.5% 800 11-14 Custom Series lamp with even MORE UVB, thus is not recommended for people who burn easily.  Offers maximum UVB for those who need the most melanin stimulation, or need high UVB for other applications.  Tans very fast, although not as deep as bronzer lamps.  For those who are looking for the fastest base tan, but not necessarily the darkest overall tan, this lamp performs.
Pink Bronzer
100w HO
F71 & F73
7% 1200 17-20 A blend of traditional pink bronzing power plus the hotness of modern lamps, in a "best of both world's" tanning lamp. Exceptional upgrade for any tanning bed.
Recommendations for finding the right lamps for YOU
If you want a good, inexpensive, general purpose lamp Look at the Custom Bronzer.  It provide excellent performance and is our lowest priced lamps.  The Custom Bronzer is the OEM lamp we use in all regular SunMaster tanning beds.  If you use your bed a lot, consider the Pro Bronzer instead.  It costs about 20% more, but it lasts about 50% longer, so your cost per session is the lowest of all of our lamps.
If you want something hotter than a stock lamp, with faster tanning times. Look at the Custom Plus, Pro Plus or Pro Twister lamps.  Although lower in UVA (but higher in UVB) the Wildcat 8.5% lamp will also shorten your session times.  All of these feature more UVB (burning ray) which will stimulate melanin production faster.
If you want a maximum bronzing lamp Bronzing lamps are those that are designed to get you the maximum darkness, even if it takes a little more time.  If you have at least 24 lamps, look at the Pro Reflector, Reflex Bronzer or ClearTech lamps.  These are all extremely high in UVA.  The ReFlex Bronzer is also moderately high in UVB.  The ClearTech lamps will be highest in both UVA and UVB.
If you want the best of both worlds, super fast tans, but the ultimate in darkness. ClearTech is the answer.  ClearTech is the only lamp in the world with UVA this high.  They have moderate to high levels of UVB as well, for excellent melanin production.  They have 30% or more UVA than any other lamp in the same wattage, making them the most powerful lamps in the world.  They cost more but they are also the longest lasting lamps we make, so the cost per session is very reasonable.
If your legs don't get as tan as the rest of you. Put some Custom Body lamps in your bed, with the pink section (the part over the label) over your legs.  This section is a 6.5% lamp, while the blue part is a 5% UVB lamp.  This will focus more melanin stimulation over your legs for a more even tan.

This is one of the most popular combinations for women.   Once your tan is even, you can just alternate which end your head is to keep your overall tan even.

If your face don't get as tan as the rest of you. Similar to the legs above, but use Custom Face lamps in the canopy with the label over your face, then Pro Bronzers (or Custom Bronzer) in the bench.  This will put more UVB over your face for more melanin stimulation.
You have trouble tanning on your sides (and maybe the face area, too) This is particularly a problem with 16 to 24 lamp beds.   Try using 8 of the Custom Body lamps.  Install two in the far left and two in the far right parts of the bench, then do the same with the canopy.  Make sure you put the label section over your face, not legs.  In the rest of the slots, just Custom Bronzer or Pro Bronzer lamps.  You can also mix in with Custom Face lamps in the canopy, for a "Face / Side / Arm" combination bed.  For a 24 lamp bed, you need 8 Face, 8 Body and 8 regular lamps.  For a 16 lamp bed, you need 8 Body, 4 Face, 4 regular.  The pinks sections will be at your sides (and optionally your face) and will provide much more UVB stimulation to help jump start the tanning.
You burn really easily and want something that will let help you tan The Pro Reflector is our best, true European style bronzing lamp.   (it is designed and made in Europe)  It should only be used in beds with 24 or more lamps that do not have wide lamp spacing.  It is a reflector lamp with 2.6% UVB rating, about half of the burning rays of a typical lamp, yet offers tons of UVA, which doesn't generally burn you and instead lets you tan deeper.
Salon Owners:  Remember, if your state is regulated, you must replace with lamps that are legally compatible.  Call us for more info on what lamps are compatible with SunMaster lamps.  We ship a letter of compatibility in each box.

Reference:  HO= High Output.  RUVA= Reflector UVA lamp.  SRL= Special Reflector Lamp.  VHOR=Very High Output Reflector lamp.  SHO=Special High Output.  Dual Zone=Two different phosphor mixes per lamp.

Minutes rating is an estimation only and should only be used for comparison to other SunMaster lamps in general.  Every tanning bed is different and must be certified independently.

ClearTech®, ReFlex® and SunMaster® are registered trademarks of UVA SunSystems, Inc.   VHR® is a registered trademark of Cosmedico, Ltd.  Dual Zone™ is a trademark of UVA SunSystems, Inc.

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