Specialty lamp with ZERO ultraviolet output (not for tanning use). All Renewal / Rejuvenesense lamps use a special phosphor mix designed for HIGH OUTPUT in the 633nm region (near red). If you are looking for red light therapy, this is the number one selling lamp in the USA for it.

100W bipin lamp designed to retrofit any tanning bed that uses FR71 sized lamps (most all 24+ tanning beds without RDC caps on the ends of the lamps). Lamp has a built in reflector for over 30% higher output than a non-reflector lamp.

NOTE! This is a red light therapy lamp, which means it isn't for tanning and will not give you a tan. It is for people wanting the health benefits of red light therapy, and want to convert their tanning bed into a red light therapy bed.

Tested and proven by NASA, who still uses this technology. While the results aren't as instantaneous as tanning lamps, they are quite real and we guarantee you will see some results in a couple of weeks, and dramatic results within 6 weeks, when used daily. Then just use a few times per week to maintain the benefits. This exact same lamp is used by premium spas throughout the US and Europe.
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