Simply put, our best lamp.

ClearTech 120R tanning lamps look different because they are different.  So different that they are patented.

They produce more UVA than most 160 watt lamps found in "megabeds".

They produce LESS UV in the ranges that cause wrinkles, almost none.

They produce MORE UV in the ranges claimed to create Vitamin D in the skin.  Up to 30x more than regular lamps.

Nothing compares, nothing outperforms nor offers you more than ClearTech technology.

ClearTech 120R tanning lamps combine several patented technologies into a single lamp, making them the pinnacle of performance.  Like several of our better lamps, ClearTech 120R tanning lamps use RUVA technology, where we literally pour a reflector inside each lamp.  This forces all the UV to exit the front of the lamp, and increases the total output up to 50%.  Here is a graphic that shows a cutaway view of a RUVA lamp for comparison.

RUVA tanning lamp technology demonstratedComparing RUVA and regular lamps

Left: Typical lamps emit light in all directions. Some is reflected by aluminum reflectors. 30% to 50% is simply lost forever. Right: ClearTech 120R tanning lamps forces all the light to exit the front of the lamp. The blue arrows indicate the extra UV that will reflect back to you. 95% of the light reaches the tanner.

Any tanning lamp that uses a RUVA reflector will be up to 50% stronger, but the ClearTech 120R doesn't stop there.  As a matter of fact, this is just the start.   And before you ask, yes, they really do glow green when lit, it is part of the technology.

SunMaster Custom Bronzer Tanning Lamps

Like the other ClearTech tanning lamps, the 120R uses patented Sol Glass in it's construction.  This is a special glass that is more transparent to ultraviolet than regular lamp tubes.  Not only does it let more total UV through, but it lets certain frequencies pass through that all regular lamps block out.  This is why your tan will be the ultimate in "sun-like".  A wider spectrum of UV means deep, dark brown tones and never odd orange tones.  No lamp will make your tan look more realistic, not even the SunMaster Pro Series lamps.

ClearTech tanning lamp technology graphNext, ClearTech lamps leveraged this new glass by inventing a new phosphor blend inside the lamp that was specifically designed to maximize this new technology.  No other lamp uses (or can use) this proprietary blend.  This is how we get the full spectrum of UV out of ClearTech lamps, and why they not only tan faster, but tan deeper and more realistic.  You look like you have been bumming on the beach, instead of looking like you just walked out of a tanning salon.  This unique phosphor blend is why the lamps look green instead of blue.  Don't be fooled by "green copy cat" tanning lamps either, only ClearTech uses this special blend.

Another benefit of this technology is that this allows us to "dial in" the frequency response of the lamp.  Not all portions of UV make you tan, just select frequencies.  Other frequencies cause wrinkles, just as in the 320nm to 340nm range, but don't help you tan.  As you can see from the diagram, ClearTech lamps dial it back in those ranges, up to 90%, so you get more of what you want, tanning, and less of what you don't want.  ClearTech lamps are also higher in the frequencies claimed to help you create Vitamin D in the skin, by many times.

SunMaster ClearTech 120R Tanning Lamp

Yes, this is a lot of information, but we promised that ClearTech lamps really are different, and they are.  Fortunately, they will install in your tanning bed (with 24 or more lamps) just like any other generic lamp.

Like all ClearTech lamps, they tan differently, and you should start with just a few minutes of exposure.  Don't wait for your skin to get red, you should cut your sessions short enough that you don't get red hot.  You should notice a difference after just a few sessions, and a major difference in your tan within a couple of weeks.

ClearTech lamps cost more than generic lamps, but they actually cost you less in the long run, because they last twice as long.  Up to 1600 hours, compared to 800 hours for most regular lamps.

Still not convinced ClearTech is the way to go? Read what our customers say!

Technical Info

Life rating: 1600 hours
(10 year at home)
UVB: Special low band
Color: green
Sizes: F71 100w-120w
Hotness factor: medium
Bronzing factor: ULTRA HIGH

Designed for tanning beds with at least 24 lamps ONLY. Start slow, work up to 15 minute sessions.

Skin types: Average or darker skin only.  Not for sensitive or easily burned skin.

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