SunMaster ClearTech Testimonials

Still wondering if the ClearTech lamps are worth spending a little more for?  We asked our customers to contact us with their experiences after trying the new ClearTech 20 lamp, and here is what they have to say.  These are actual replies and just a sampling of what we received. Not a single person was disappointed with the results after switching from standard lamps to ClearTech.

[J. Roberson via email]
I purchased the Cleartech 120R bulbs and I just wanted to say they are everything the salesman said they would be. I didn't need new bulbs but was not real happy with the ones I had and called just to see what you guys would recommend and boy am I glad I did. I really wanted to cut my tanning time down and with these bulbs I cut it in half. I went from 20 min to 12 min max. And the color looks so natural not orange or strange looking the way some bulbs tend to make you look. My husband even made the comment that the color looks like I have been out in the real sun. These bulbs are not for the fair skinned person in my opinion. They are way too strong. But I am olive skinned and easy to tan and I love them. If I ever have to buy bulbs again you can bet they will be cleartech.

[Anecdote from a future home bed owner via phone]
A customer called to say she had been tanning at a salon that uses ClearTech 20 lamps exclusively. She is looking to purchase a used tanning bed from a friend, but called to make sure that the ClearTech 20 lamps would fit that used bed before she bought it. She said she would rather go to the salon and tan with ClearTech lamps than have a home tanning bed without them.

[Home bed owner via email]
Just puchased the ClearTech 20 bulbs and they are fantastic!! Just wanted to let you know that it is nice to buy a product that does exactly what you claim it does. Thanks for the great bulbs!!
A customer for life M. Goeringer

[Home bed owner via email]
I ordered my bulbs last week received them on the 24th. Installed today and we think there great! I wish ordering online was always this easy. Thanks a bunch!
R. Harris

[Home bed owner via Yahoo! canvassing]
Excellent experience. The product works as advertised and everything shipped very quick. Extremely happy with my purchase!!
[name not given]

[Home bed owner via Yahoo! canvassing]
The lamps work even better than they said on the webpage. I'm getting better results in a 16 bulb bed than I got in a salon. Thanks again for making a great product!
[name not given]

[Home bed owner over the phone]
I was told by the salesman to cut my time down to 5 minutes to start out, which I thought was silly. I'm glad I did! I have had the lamps for about a month now and have worked up to 15 minutes and I am already darker than I ever gotten at home or at the salon. I don't know how you did it, but I won't use anything but ClearTech lamps again!
H. Griffen

[Salon owner via email]
I took your challenge and put a set of these ClearTech bulbs in my oldest 28 bulb bed. I ordered two more sets for other beds because my clients only want to tan on the ClearTechs. I have never seen them this excited about a tanning bulb before. I was going to replace one or two beds this year but I'm going to switch the bulbs to ClearTech instead.
[name withheld by request]

[Home bed owner via email]
I bought the ClearTech lamps and one of the rebuild kits. What a difference! I was looking at buying a new tanning bed but I don't need to now. It tans much better now than when the bed was new.
D. Sims

[Salon owner via email]
We just bought the salon a few months ago and it needed a lot of work. We installed a new sound system, completely remodeled the lobby and added lots of new signs and posters, but the biggest difference was when we changed completely over to the ClearTech bulbs. We have attracted more new customers by word of mouth than by running newspaper advertising! Do you have any signs for my front window that says we use SunMaster ClearTech bulbs?
A. Horton

[Home bed owner via email]
I installed those ClearTech lamps and I'm very pleased. I bought my bed used from a friend and she said it only had about 100 hours on the lamps, but I can see big difference in the way it tans with the new lamps. You were right, I had to cut my tanning time in half and already see a difference in how dark I am after just one week. Thanks again for telling me about those lamps.
S. Lovell

[Salon owner via email]
Love the lamps! I still have a few hours left on the lamps in my other beds but ordering new ClearTech lamps anyway. You guys weren't kidding when you said they were stronger than anything else. When are you going to get some 160 watt lamps in ClearTech?
[name withheld by request]

[Salon owner via email]
Really pleased with the ClearTechs. Will be switching out the rest of my beds over the next couple of months. The lamps are brighter and the everyone notices how different they look. Now my customers keep asking for the bed with the green bulbs. Nice job and thanks again.
A. Alston

[Salon owner via email]
We switched 4 of our 20 minute beds to the ClearTech 20 and was able to cut the session times by almost half for our clients. Nice to get more people through in a day and have them happy. So far, everyone is pleased with the results. Will change the rest of the beds over soon. They are definitely worth the extra money.
S. Thompson

[Salon owner over the phone]
I didn't want to spend the extra money for the ClearTech lamps at first, but the salesman convinced me they were worth the extra money. I'm glad he did. The bed with the ClearTech lamps is my most popular tanning bed now. Ordering more of them today for 3 more beds. It's the first time I have ever seen a lamp perform exactly as advertised.
[name withheld by request]

[Home bed owner via order form]
These bulbs are awesome ! I don't really need to replace, but after I used these, I'm taking out the [Wolff] EuroSun bulbs!
[name withheld]

Everyone who tries ClearTech lamps, loves them. Are you ready for a lamp that is more than "adequate" or simply "compatible"? ClearTech lamps cost a little more, but they last much longer and deliver more tanning power per minute than anything else, making them more cost effective than any generic replacement lamp. Lower cost per session, lower maintenance, less frequent lamp changes, and the happiest clients in town is what you can expect from ClearTech lamps, only from SunMaster.

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