Beauty is more than skin deep.

Pro Bronzer tanning lamps release the inner beauty of your skin, helping you develop golden hues that not only look good, but last longer, with less fading.

If you love a full 20 minute session, and want a tan that is darker and deeper than "hot rodded" lamps, the Pro Bronzer is what you have been looking for all of your life.  In sizes F59, F71 & F73.

They last longer.
They tan deeper.
You'll love your tan.
Pro Bronzer tanning lamps are a step above ordinary bronzing lamps, and have been proven in salons nationwide.  They are based on a 5% UVB ratio, professional grade multi-phosphor blend that is exclusive to SunMaster lamps.  They provide a more sun-like spectrum when compared to regular lamps, or even our Custom Series lamps.  This means that the tan you get from them is closer to the color you get in the sun, without any odd orange hues.

The 5% ratio is in the center bronzing range, allowing you to stay the full 20+ minutes in your tanning bed.  And the longer you tan, the deeper the tan goes, so the longer the tan stays before fading.  These lamps are for people who enjoy being in their tanning bed instead of rushing off, and want to tan deeper than you can possibly get in a 10 to 15 minute session, yet still want medium UVB (burning ray) for melanin stimulation.

Pro Bronzer tanning lamps are compatible with many OEM lamps. When we designed this tanning lamp, the goal was to make them only slightly hotter than OEM lamps like the Bellarium S and Diamond Sun S, but to have higher UVA for better overall color and depth of tan. Many people don't want a hotter lamp, and prefer this more balanced mix. It tans just a little slower than "hot" lamps, but you end up with a darker tan in the long run because you are able to stay in the tanning bed longer, which gives you a deeper tan that isn't so quick to fade. If you want something similar in strength to your original 20 minute lamps, but with more bronzing action, the Pro Bronzer is an excellent choice.

If you are looking for a slightly hotter version of this lamp, the Pro Plus is one of our best selling lamps of all time, and uses the same multi-phosphor blend, but in a 6.5% UVB ratio for slightly hotter tanning.

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Smart salon owners know that if you want customers to keep coming back, you have to give them great results every time, and no tanning lamp gets you darker, faster than SunMaster.

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