ClearTech® tanning lamps LOOK different because they ARE different.

ClearTech 20 tanning lamps are the most advanced tanning lamps on the planet, guaranteed.  They use patented technology that is proven to outperform regular tanning lamps, and have advanced features that no other tanning lamp can offer.  They use a special glass (Sol Glass) that is more transparent to ultraviolet, so they actually let more.  Developed by LTI of Hungary, this glass is just part of what makes ClearTech more "sun-like" in performance. 

Deeper, darker tansIt is simple: the more transparent the glass is, the more UV that can get out.   Keep in mind that all other tanning lamps use the same glass as you would use for a 4 foot office bulb.  It simply wasn't designed to transmit ultraviolet.   ClearTech glass is used ONLY for our special tanning lamps, so it was engineered from the ground up to do one thing and one thing only: transmit more tanning rays in a more full spectrum.  This is part of the reason why they get you a deep dark brown, instead of the "fake bake" looking orange, common to cheap, generic tanning lamps.

It doesn't stop there. Our proprietary phosphor blend can't be found in any other lamp, at any price. This is part of what makes the SunMaster ClearTech last so long, up to 1600 hours, depending on your application. This makes the ClearTech the most environmentally sound tanning lamp on the planet. Of course, this also reduces your cost per session, so you can give your customers the strongest lamp possible while saving some green of your own. And yes, this phosphor is why ClearTech lamps shine a green color.  We told you, they really are different!

SunMaster Custom Bronzer Tanning Lamps

Cleartech tanning lamps are perfect for serious tanners who want a step up from the original lamps in their 20 minute tanning bed, but don't want to sacrifice bronzing action.  They can make a 16 lamp bed tan like it has 24 lamps, and a 24 lamp tanning bed tan like the best of commercial salon tanning beds.  .

The ultraviolet that is created inside a ClearTech lamps IS different.  It is a broader spectrum, but we are able to custom tailor the output so it has LESS output in the 320nm to 340nm range.  This range doesn't help you tan, but it is thought responsible for causing wrinkles.  We give you more of what you want (tan) and less of what you don't want (wrinkles).   Only ClearTech technology can do this.

Nothing makes your skin look better than ClearTech.  By combining these advantages, lower band UVB for faster melanin production, 30% higher UVA for deeper bronzing, plus reducing the output in the "wrinkle range", AND lasting twice as long as generic Wolff bulbs, ClearTech tanning lamps deliver a premium experience in any tanning bed.

While all tanning lamps produce some UVB in the range that is claimed to help you produce Vitamin D (280-290nm range), no other lamp has as much output in this range.  ClearTech truly "shines" in this area, having many times the output in this particular range when compared to standard bulbs.  No other tanning lamp even comes close.

ClearTech tanning lamps are also more environmentally friendly.  They use less mercury than regular lamps, and since they last twice as long, that means that you are disposing of them half as often.  Want to read more about what SunMaster is doing about the environment?  Please do.

Like all ClearTech technology lamps, ClearTech 20 tanning lamps tan differently, and you should start by cutting your exposure time in half.  Don't wait for your skin to get super red, you should cut your sessions short enough that you don't get red hot. You should notice a difference after just a few sessions, and a major difference in your tan within a couple of weeks.

ClearTech 20 Tanning LampWhile SunMaster ClearTech lamps cost more than generic or regular premium lamps, they last so much longer that they pay for themselves quickly. The generous amount of UVA will also mean darker, deeper and more sunlike tans that any other lamp, even our own Custom and Pro Series lamps. They look different because they ARE different. Newer technology that works great in older tanning beds.

Still not convinced that ClearTech lamps are the best value?  Read what our customers say.

Technical Info

Life rating: 1600 hours
(10 year at home)
UVB rating: Special low band
Color: green
Sizes: F71, F72, F73 & F59
Hotness factor: medium
Bronzing factor: ULTRA high

Designed for any tanning bed, regardless of the number of lamps.  Works equally well for home or salon tanning beds.

Skin types: Medium (average) skin or darker.  Not recommended for "very fair" skin.

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