Many older Sun Industries Suntana, Puretan Tanfit and other tanning beds originally came with F71 (F72T12) sized tanning lamps. These are slightly shorter than an F71 and feature the black plastic cap over the pins (RDC, or Recessed Dual Connector). Most tanning bed distributors don't sell enough tanning lamps in a year to justify selling them, so they tell you to buy plastic caps to put over the F71 lamps. These lamps are actually a bit too long, won't fit many F72 beds, and end up costing you more money. As the largest seller of tanning lamps in the USA, we sell more lamps in a month than the other guys sell in a year, so we can stock several different F72 lamps. We charge the same price as F71 or F73 sizes as well, so you don't pay extra. Get the *right* lamp for your older tanning bed, the first time, by insisting on buying genuine SunMaster tanning lamps, sold by someone who actually sold these beds back in the 1980s.

And do yourself a favor: No matter which lamp you choose, get a tanning bed rebuild kit while you have the bed taken apart. These older tanning beds ALWAYS benefit from having the acrylics reconditioned, and our rebuild kit has everything you need, plus an easy to follow instruction guide. This will increase the output on your older tanning bed up to 40%, guaranteed.

Pro Plus in F72-RDC
ClearTech 20 in F72-RDC
Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit
Pro Plus in F72-RDC

ClearTech 20 in F72-RDC

Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit

Retail: $23.99
On sale! $19.99

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