TanningLamps4Less / UVA SunSystems, Inc. began as a Sun Industries, Inc. distributor back in 1985, and we even have employees who worked for Sun during that time. We can help you find most parts, lamps and most anything you need for older (and many newer) Sun/Ergoline products.

If you are looking for the original 120W Genesis, you can save a bundle by using the SunMaster Pro Bronzer (5% legally compatible) or the SunMaster Pro Plus (a full 6.5%, so hotter but still legally compatible) and save 30% or more versus the original Genesis lamp. If your Sundash came with Bellarium S lamps, both of these SunMaster lamps are also fully compatible for salons in 50 states as well. Guaranteed to work perfectly in your F73 SunDash bed. Certified for 100W, 105W or 120W ballasts.

Worried about compatibility? Take a look and print online:

Looking for F72 lamps for an older Suntana? The same SunMaster Pro Plus will fit and function perfectly, although it is not legally compatible for salon use. For home use, it will turn your 30 minute Suntana into a 15 to 20 minute bed in just a few minutes!

Not sure which lamp you need for your Sun Industries or any other bed? Just call us at 1-800-274-1744 and get personalized service and the same great price!

Genesis, Sundash and Suntana are registered trademarks of Sun-Ergoline, Inc. who are not affiliated with this site. Images shown for identification only.

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