ClearTech 24 Tanning Lamp Kit w/400w Facial

SunMaster reinvents the tanning lamp, again! ClearTech is a new lamp glass technology that is up to 30% more transparent to UV, so you get a DRAMATIC boost in both UVA and UVB. It is patented, proven and guaranteed to deliver 160w worth of UV in a 100w lamp. Read on for more info about this exceptional 24 lamp tanning bulb kit.

SunMaster ClearTech Tanning Lamps

First, understand that every tanning lamp made uses the same basic materials for their lamp glass. This is why so many lamps are "compatible" with each other: The main limiting factor has been getting UV through the glass of the lamp. You can raise the UVB of regular lamps, but only by dropping the UVA, so the net result is that most tanning lamps have about the same amount of total UV as all others, just with slightly different ratios. Until now.

On the outside, the SunMaster ClearTech series lamps look similar to an ordinary lamp, but the glass is much more transparent to ultraviolet, allowing more tanning rays to exit the lamp and reach your skin. As soon as you turn on your tanning bed equipped with ClearTech lamps, you will notice something different: They are brighter and the special phosphor mix required to take advantage of this patented glass glows a pleasant green.

It doesn't stop there. Our proprietary phosphor blend can't be found in any other lamp, at any price. This is part of what makes the SunMaster ClearTech last so long, up to 1600 hours, depending on your electronics. This makes the ClearTech the most environmentally sound tanning lamp on the planet. Of course, this also reduces your cost per session, so you can give your customers the strongest lamp possible while saving some green of your own.

ClearTech tanning lamp technology graph

While SunMaster ClearTech lamps cost more than generic or regular premium lamps, they last so much longer that they pay for themselves quickly. The generous amount of UVA will also mean darker, deeper and more sunlike tans that any other lamp, even our own Custom and Pro Series lamps. ClearTech lamps look different because they ARE different. Newer technology that works great in older tanning beds.

The SunMaster ClearTech Tanning Lamp

Add it up for yourself: More UVB and significantly more UVA. Environmentally smart. Patented construction. When you consider lamp life, they are more cost effective than regular lamps. The SunMaster ClearTech is the clear choice.

Salon owners, these are legally compatible with:
Wolff Velocity, Voltarc 5.0, Bellarium Plus, Bellarium S, Brilliance 5.0, Crystal Sun S, Diamond Sun S, Euro Sun S3, EverGlo, Goldarium S, Dark Tan, Dominion, Cosmolux ESP, Genesis 105 Plus F71
SunMaster Letter of Compatibility

Still not convinced that ClearTech is the best lamp you can buy?  Read what our customers say about them!

Technical Info

Life rating: 1600+ hours
(10 year at home)
UVB: n/a (similar to 6.5%)
Color: CT Green
Sizes: F71 and F59 mix
Hotness factor: very high
Bronzing factor: very high

Designed for tanning beds with 24 lamps and high pressure face tanning.

Skin types: Average or darker skin only.  Not for overly sensitive or easily burned skin.
This kit contains 25 lamps: 24 full size tanning lamps in a mix of F71 and F59 plus a 400w high pressure facial tanning bulb, shown left.   Be sure to count the long and short lamps in your bed before ordering, and select the right mix below before ordering.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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