SunMaster ClearTech Tanning Lamps

SunMaster reinvents the tanning lamp. Traditional tanning lamps have always had a similar amount of TOTAL ultraviolet. This means a high UVB lamp has lower UVA. It is a tradeoff that has existed since the first Wolff lamps hit the market. The reason is simple: You have to filter out all the UVC from lamps using the glass itself, and in doing so, you also filter out a great deal of UVA and UVB. Since all tanning lamps use the same basic glass, they all suffered from the same limitation. ClearTech is the first lamp technology that breaks this mold, and provides higher UVB and significantly higher UVA, making it the world's strongest tanning lamp, bar none. But bold claims require strong proof, and the SunMaster ClearTech delivers.

First, understand that every other tanning lamp made uses the same basic materials for their lamp glass. This is why so many lamps are "compatible" with each other: The main limiting factor has been getting UV through the glass of the lamp. If they increase the UVA, it meant you had to lower the UVB.  You could only get so much UV to pass through the glass with 100 watts. Until now.

Cleartech Tanning LampsOn the outside, the SunMaster ClearTech series lamps look similar to your ordinary lamps, but the glass is much more transparent to ultraviolet.  They were engineered from the ground up to be this way.  As soon as you turn on your tanning bed equipped with ClearTech lamps, you will notice something different: They are slightly brighter.   Our proprietary phosphor mix inside the lamp causes them to glow a pleasant green, instead of the usual blue or pink. After just a couple of tanning sessions, the results are more than obvious and you will never use ordinary tanning lamps again.

It doesn't stop there. Our proprietary phosphor blend can't be found in any other lamp, at any price. This is part of what makes the SunMaster ClearTech last so long, up to 1600 hours, depending on your application. This makes the ClearTech the most environmentally sound tanning lamp on the planet. Of course, this also reduces your cost per session, so you can give your customers the strongest lamp possible while saving some green of your own.

SunMaster ClearTech Tanning LampWhen off, the ClearTech looks like a typical lamp, but when engergized they glow green. This is due to the new technology phosphors uses in all ClearTech tanning lamps.
The ClearTech 20 tanning lamp was engineered to have more output in the UV spectrum that matters for tanning, and LESS UV in parts that don't tan you.  In particular, the 320nm to 340nm range.  This part doesn't tan you, but is believed to be responsible for the "wrinkling" effect of UV over a period of time.   More tan + less wrinkles = a better lamp.

Vitamin DWhile all tanning lamps produce some UV in the range that is believed to be responsible for creating Vitamin D in the skin, ClearTech lamps are up to over 10x as strong in this spectrum.  No other lamp (not even our Pro Series!) comes close to the output in this important region of ultraviolet.   ClearTech is obviously more than just "a tanning lamp".

While SunMaster ClearTech lamps cost more than generic or regular premium lamps, they last so much longer that they pay for themselves quickly. The generous amount of UVA will also mean darker, deeper and more sunlike tans that any other lamp, even our own Custom and Pro Series lamps. ClearTech is more than a new lamp, it is a new technology, using new patented materials and methods.  

They LOOK different because they ARE different.  So don't just replace your tanning lamps, upgrade your entire tanning bed using the most state-of-the-art technology available: ClearTech.

ClearTech tanning lamp technology graph

Add it up for yourself: Stronger tans with more UVB and significantly more UVA. Environmentally smart. Patented construction. More cost effective for the salon owner. The SunMaster ClearTech is the clear choice.

Still not convinced that ClearTech is the best lamp you can buy?  Read what our customers say about them!

This kit contains 14 ClearTech lamps

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