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A technical bulletin is a document that describes how to field maintain a system on a tanning bed. These are created when a certain feature is missing and must be shipped seperately, when the OEM part isn't available and a replacement must be used, or simply when regular maintenance requires a little more instruction than the owners manual contains. This data is kept online to support our commercial and residential customers.


TB #1 - Converting The Alpha Sun 30 to a high voltage remote system
Applies to a few first generation models only. All 2006+ AS-30 beds are already have high voltage feeds on the remote timer system.

TB #2 - Installing the 520N pistons on select AS24 tanning beds
There are two different pistons used on some Sunny model beds. This explains how to install the 520N on beds that ship with it, as it was not included in the owners manual.

TB #3 - Modifying select 2006 AS30 acrylic supports
A limited number of Alpha Sun 30 tanning beds were shipped with an alternative support system. This explains how to convert back to the original support system for salon owners who choose to.

TB #4 - Alpha Shadow with conversion box and remote timer issues.TB #4 - Alpha Shadow with conversion box and remote timer issues.
This Technical Bulletin covers using a conversion box and remote timer with the Alpha Shadow 24 with built in digital timer. This configuration is UNSUPPORTED, but documented solely because the configuration is popular.

TB #5 - Installing remote timer on AS30VL
This covers how to install the T-Max remote timer on the popular AS-30 tanning bed. This covers models up to and including 2007 only. Newer models see #5A bulletin below.

TB #5A - Installing remote timer on AS30VL (2008 and newer)
This covers how to install the T-Max remote timer on the popular AS-30 tanning bed. Year models 2008 and newer than use Potter & Brumfield relay system.

Wiring Diagram for the 2007 Alpha Sun 24XL 120V tanning bedWiring Diagram for the 2007 Alpha Sun 24XL 120V tanning bed
There are two images for the Alpha Sun 24XL 120V version, both of which are needed. They are in black and white PDF format, so they should print in high quality using any standard printer.

TB #6 - Installing remote timer on SunMaster Commercial Beds
This covers how to install the T-Max remote timer on the popular virtually all SunMaster commercial tanning beds.

TB #7 How to replace acrylics and ballasts in the SunMaster 32
This will explain how to field service the 2005-2007 SunMaster 32 to replace acrylics and ballasts if needed.

Connecting Power & Timer to Big Alpha Sun Beds
This explains how to connect the T-Max remote timer to larger Alpha Sun tanning beds and booths, including the Power 36 Series, Elegance, Executive and Cab series.

TB #8 - Repairing lamp ends on select Alpha tanning beds
About 200 Alpha Sun beds used a lamp end that may need to be adjusted in order for the lamp starter to contact properly. It is a simple and easy fix with these instructions. Less than 20 beds have been affected and these instructions only apply to those beds.

Alpha Sun Information Booklet
This is a scanned version of the general information booklet distributed with all Alpha Sun tanning beds. Not specific to any particular brand or model, provided for educational purposes. Adobe PDF format, 7 pages, general info, 1.3 MB in size.

SunMaster Dual Zone Lamp Installation Guide
This is a printable PDF guide that shows how to install Custom Body and Custom Face lamps in the various SunMaster kits. It will insure you install the lamps with the pink and blue sections in the areas you want them to be in.

How to replace your shocks / pistons.
This is a PDF guide to replacing the shocks on your tanning bed. It covers both plastic and steel ended shock/pistons and can be printed on a single page or viewed online.

How to remove the acrylic on 2004+ SunMaster tanning beds
In 2004, SunMaster switched the method of retaining the acrylics in their tanning beds. A few of the owner's manuals still had the old information, but this page will explain how to remove the plastic retaining strips on all SunMaster beds made after 2004.

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