Don't see the lamp you need? We still have it or a compatible, guaranteed! We have been selling lamps and beds since 1985, and are familiar with even the most obsure brands of tanning beds. Many are out of business, many are just hard to find, all are available.

While other companies can only offer you 2 or 3 lamps (or don't even carry sizes like 59 or 72), we actually stock over 300 different lamps for tanning beds, all ready to ship the next business day.

F59, F69, F71, F762, F73, F74, F7whatever, 2 meter, RUVA, VHOR, HO, pink, blue, green, 100 watt, 80 watt, 160 watt, it doesn't matter: We have it.

SunTana, Solaire, SunDash, TansYou, SonnenBraune, Soleil, ACN, Emosol, ESB, Supreme, Celebrity, Solar Storm, Alpha Sun, SCA Wolff, and every other brand: We know them, we have what you need. No other seller of lamps has our selection.

Call 1-800-274-1744 and ask for our lamp department if you are not sure which lamp you need or what is compatible.

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