Potter & Brumfield Relay

This is the enclosed relay that is used on almost all SunMaster commercial tanning beds, and some residential tanning since 2003. Potter & Brumfield part number T92P11A22-120. Other parts numbers may be similar. It is not designed for use in other tanning beds, and while it *could* be retrofitted to many other uses, we do not offer support for this.

It has a 120V relay coil, and can be used to switch 28VDC to 277VAC systems . (240V systems must be 4 wire to provide a neutral to the coil of the relay). This unit is also used in many industrial applications, and is not unique to tanning beds. It uses standard "pins" for connecting power to the unit. It mounts with two slotted screw holes on either side of the unit.

120V Coil/240VAC Load /25A nominal rating. 8 Pole total including:

Hot & Neutral for coil(120V only)
Two incoming legs
Two legs for ON (normally closed)
Two legs for OFF (normally open)

Actual ratings:

NO (Normally open circuit, when relay is off):
3 amps at 28VDC
3 amps at 380VAC

NC (actual switched load):
30A at 277VAC
20A at 28VDC
25A at 220-240VAC

The normally closed circuit is not usually used for tanning beds. This is a sealed relay and can be used for switching any equipment rated at 30A or less at 120VAC to 240VAC.

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