This is the lamp end for 3rd and 4th generation SunMaster beds ONLY. Using this lamp end in a Wolff, 1st or 2nd generation SunMaster, or any other tanning bed WILL DAMAGE YOUR BED.

3rd and 4th generation SunMaster lamp ends can be identified by the green section in the center of the lamp end. If your lamp ends are not green in the center, do NOT order this part.

SunMaster beds that do use these parts use them on both ends of the lamps. If you have one that is defective, you are usually better off to order at least one pair and replace the lamp ends on both ends of the same lamp. When one fails, usually the other is not far behind.

As a rule, these do not fail often. Only when the lamps are not seated properly and the lamp literally arcs in the holder do you see them fail. This is why you should replace both at the same time.

Save when you buy in bulk! Less than $2.50 each when you buy at least 8 per order.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

2HOLE-lampend$2.99, 8 for $19.99
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