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The Salon Ready SunMaster® 32XL - 220V

Over the last couple years, most companies rushed to make their tanning beds cheaper, with more plastic, and more disposable.  SunMaster is not one of those companies.   Instead, we have invested in new technologies and methods to make our newest tanning beds bigger, more powerful and more durable.  With this in mind, we introduce our new 32XL-220v tanning bed.  A professional quality tanning bed built in America.  Designed for salon owners who want a true workhorse of a tanning bed, with almost zero maintenance and legendary reliability.

This premium system uses our new "E Series" frame, which is 100% solid steel, inside and out.  No plastic tanning bed can compare to the durability and quality of solid steel.  This is a certified salon quality frame that will stand up to decades of heavy use in a commercial environment.  It features a powder coat finish, solid pan aluminum reflector system, and uses ISO standard sized lamps (F71), so when it does come time to change lamps, you aren't forced into buying from any one source.  Another reason why SunMaster tanning beds have the highest resale value in the industry.

Genuine SunMaster® Tanning Lamps Inside

The weakest link in most tanning beds is the lamp.  More salons choose SunMaster when upgrading their tanning lamps and your new SunMaster tanning bed will have them as standard equipment.  This bed is also certified to use the newest patented technology, ClearTech 20 tanning lamps, so you have several options when it comes time to change your lamps.

This SunMaster 32XL features 32 Reflex Bronzer tanning lamps

This 5% deep bronzing lamp delivers predictable, professional quality results every time.  It features a maximum 20 minute tanning session, and is an excellent choice for virtually every skin type.  Deeper bronzing action with excellent tanning color quality.  This popular lamps has been featured in our best selling Signature Series tanning beds and our largest commercial tanning system for 5 years, with nothing but positive feedback and praise.

The Most Advanced Electronics on the Planet

Tanning beds with the environment in mindSunMaster pioneered high efficiency electronics starting with the original "Gen I" systems in the 1990s.  Tanning beds that use the old fashioned choke ballasts and lamp starters waste up to twice as much electricity compared to the SunMaster electronics system.  No one has spent more investing in high efficiency electronics than SunMaster. We were the first to develop an 18 lamp, then 24, then 32 lamp version that could do just that, plug in the wall.  While others may copy our designs or make dubious claims, we have been making it a reality.  This tanning bed uses a 220 volt version of our super efficient electronics that powers the lamp better but creates almost no waste heat.  This means you get more lamps, more power, yet it uses less electricity than other tanning beds with HALF the lamps.  This makes SunMaster an environmentally friendly choice.

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Tanning Beds Made in the USAA tanning bed doesn't have to look great to perform well, but SunMaster delivers the goods, giving you the best of both worlds.  The solid steel design will look great for decades, and the system is beautiful enough that you will be proud to show it off to your family and friends.  All plastic beds will crack and fade over time, there is no way to completely prevent it, it is just how UV and plastics react.  Take a look at any plastic item that has been outside for a little while.  And the UV from a tanning bed is much stronger than the sun!  SunMaster beds never show their age, which may be why they have the highest resale value.

Room to Move

Room to moveMost of us aren't 5 foot tall and weight 90 pounds.  SunMaster responds to your needs by adding 6 inches of width and length when compared to most plastic beds. Whether you are a body builder, basketball player, or a full figured woman, you will be impressed with the comfort and space provided by your SunMaster.  Our tanning beds are computer designed for maximum comfort and tanning coverage, something that a cheap plastic bed simply can't compare to.  Why buy any tanning bed if it isn't going to be comfortable enough to use every day? You would be better off going to the tanning salon than settling for an uncomfortable, plastic tanning bed.

The Best Guarantee in the Industry

Since 1985, every tanning bed we sell has been backed with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  No one else does this.  Think about that:   It says a lot about the confidence we have in our tanning beds.  More importantly, it speaks volumes about how other manufacturers feel about their quality.   Of course, you also get free support for life, and we even pay for the call at 1-800-274-1744 (we use the same free phone number for sales AND service, perhaps because we know both are important).  With SunMaster, you get more than a cheap tanning bed, you get superior support and better quality, all at a great price.  Other companies have come and gone over the last 3 decades, but SunMaster has continued to grow, even in the worst of economies, because we put our customers first.

Quality Beyond Compare

Tanning Beds Made in the USALots of manufacturers claim they make a big, comfortable bed, and show you pretty pictures comparing them to other tanning beds.  What they don't compare them to is a SunMaster.  The reason is simple: SunMaster beds ARE bigger and more comfortable.   Compare the actual specifications and see.  SunMaster beds aren't "cookie cutter" systems, stamped out by the millions in some third world country, they are handcrafted here in America and they always have been.  We've been in the industry since 1985, and have no desire to be the largest builder, only the best.  This is why we offer the only money back guarantee and free support for life.  And why ranks us "5/5 Stars", with over 98% customer satisfaction rating, and has every year since 2000 when they began tracking companies.

Use your existing wiring

Salon owners have been asking for a new generation SunMaster that will plug into their existing 220v rooms, and SunMaster delivers.  This SunMaster tanning bed comes standard with a remote timer port, ready to connect to a Tmax or other timer system.  This makes this SunMaster the perfect tanning bed to replace your existing Wolff or other old fashioned tanning bed.  Our specially designed electronics are so energy efficient and revolutionary, they are patented.  Salon owners will especially love the fact they they run with up to 80% less heat, which will cut your air conditioning needs (and bills) by more than 50%. This model comes with a NEMA 6-15, 220 volt, three prong plug, like many older tanning beds.

Reliability and Durability

SunMaster tanning beds are designed to be maintenance free and last for decades.   No lamp starters to replace, no "buck/boost transformers" needed in most salons, and they have 100% analog control systems which are the most reliable and proven timer systems made.  The all steel design means no worry about cracking, peeling, fading or chipping.  Just put the two sections together, plug into your 220v/20a outlet, and your customers will be enjoying the best tans of their lives.  The only time you will ever need to open the tanning bed is when you change the lamps.

The Smart Choice

You have a lot of choices when it comes to tanning beds, and we appreciate you looking at SunMaster.  We build them in the USA, back them with the best guarantee and stand behind everything we sell.  We have since 1985.   SunMaster tanning beds cost more than plastic Wolff or generic tanning beds, but you get what you pay for. A more durable, larger and comfortable tanning bed with the most advanced electronics, and the best support and warranty in the industry.  We look forward to your business.


Extra wide and long for maximum comfort.
Real Reflex Bronzer tanning lamps for dark tans.
Looks great with any home decor.
Proven performance and durability.
Uses half the electricity of outdated Wolff tanning beds.
Computer designed to be the most comfortable.
Nice enough to be the last tanning bed you will ever buy.
Best guarantee and support in the industry.
Size: 39" wide by 81" long.
Power Req:  220v-240v, 20 amp
Lamps: 32x SunMaster Reflex Bronzer 100w
Remote timer capable.
20 minute analog timer on bed
Weight capacity: 300lb
Shipping weight: 400lb (includes pallet)

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