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Expose your legs to this super-sized super star: SunMaster 32MLT Leg Tanner

Our largest tanning bed with one of our most popular tanning lamp configurations. Your customers can instantly see this bed is different as soon as they turn it on. More importantly, they will see a difference in their tan, as it delivers 20% more power direct to their legs. Here are some of the other features you will like:

As you can see in this example, the pink section will deliver 20% more UVB bronzing action over their legs. Best of all, it is a feature that is easy to see, and the visual appeal to your customers will be immediate.

Tanning bed comes with full body fan

Each SunMaster commercial bed has a full body cooler that blows a gentle breeze over your clients while they tan, with an ON/OFF switch for the fan. Your tanning bed comes with a built in timer and ON/OFF switch. The built in timer is defeated when you use the remote timer port and connect to an external timer (not included).

Superior tanning bed reflectors

Every SunMaster tanning bed uses our exclusive textured reflector system. Laboratory testing proves that this "dimpled" style reflector diffuses the light better, and provides a more even tan. No striping or hot spots. It is just part of the reason that SunMaster tanning beds outperform other tanning beds in their price range.

SunMaster tanning lamps inside

A tanning bed is only as good as its tanning lamps. While lesser systems will use off-the-shelf lamps, we would never put a generic lamp in a SunMaster. We design and set the specifications for every single tanning lamp we use. SunMaster was making lamps before we made beds, and no one has dedicated more effort in producing better quality tanning lamps. This is why we are quickly becoming the #1 replacement lamp in America. Your SunMaster tanning bed is perfectly balanced with SunMaster Custom Series tanning lamps, for maximum performance.

Superior tanning bed reflectors

SunMaster tanning beds never require "buck/boost transformers" or lamp starters. Our electronics were designed in America, for American electrical current. They are patented and deliver more power to the lamp. They are also the most energy efficient electronics on the market, and generate only a few watts of waste heat each. Many salons report that they can add extra SunMaster tanning beds, without having to add extra air conditioning. Expect 50% to 80% LESS heat than old fashioned choke style tanning beds.


Full body fan for your client's comfort
Super wide and long so everyone fits comfortably
Computer designed acrylic curvature is more comfortable
More powerful than choke ballasts
Runs MUCH cooler than choke systems
Direct warranty claim service: We build and back them.
Custom Body lamps give more power to their legs.
Priced like an import, but made in America

Technical Specifications

Power Requirement:  240V/20A/3 wire/hardwire
Dimensions:  42" wide by 91" long
Maximum Capacity:  300 pounds
Remote timer port and hour meter are standard.
Lamps:  32 x 100W SunMaster Custom Body
Session time:  20 minute maximum
Timer:  Analog, built into full body fan.
Structure:  Aluminum frame, Korad/ABS exterior
Shipping Weight: 400 pounds (includes pallet/packaging)

SunMaster has been in the tanning lamp and tanning bed business since 1985. We understand your needs and feel confident we can deliver more tanning bed, for less money. We sell direct, with no dealer network, so you don't pay extra markup. We support our tanning beds directly, so if you have a problem down the road, you can speak to the same people who BUILT your tanning bed. Better technology, better quality, better performance. SunMaster IS the tanning technology leader.

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