The SunMaster 32MPB = BIG Frame + Power Bronzer 100 Tanning Lamps

The SunMaster 32MPB delivers poweful bronzing technology in our largest SunMaster tanning bed frame. This revolutionary lamp has its own built in reflector for up to 50% more UVA and UVB, for a more intense tanning session. Unlike lamps that are only "hot", the Power Bronzer 100 has tons of UVA for bronzing action that no regular HO lamp can compare to.

The 32MPB comes with our full body cooling fan to blow a gentle breeze over you while you tan, and offers finger tip controls for the main power as well as switching for the body cooler itself. This adds to the overall appearance of the bed, too, giving the M Series SunMaster the look of a much more expensive tanning system. The total wrap effect of the system is one feature your clients will appreciate, and comment on.

Left:  Typical lamps emit light in all directions.  Some is reflected by aluminum reflectors. 30% to 50% is simply lost forever.
Right: SunMaster Power Bronzer 100 lamp forces all the light to exit the front of the lamp.  The blue arrows indicate the extra UV that will reflect back to you.  95% of the light reaches the tanner.

The new Power Bronzer lamps combine the benefits of our proven 6.5% UVB phosphor, with the proven benefits of RUVA technology (Reflector UltraViolet A). The net result is a lamp that delivers the same amount of total UVB as a 9% tanning lamp, but with up to twice the UVA of those lamps. Your customers will get the immediate satisfaction that the UVB gives, a reddening of the skin, but the generous UVA insures that they will develop a deeper, darker tan that will keep them coming back, and recommending you to their friends.

Combined with our revolutionary electronics and other advanced features, this exclusive systems insures the SunMaster 32MPB will outperform any generic Wolff System, including 15 minute versions.  There really is no comparison.

Superior tanning bed reflectors

Even with reflector lamps, it is very important to have good reflectors in a tanning bed. SunMaster beds use the finest in the industry: Highly polished and fully textured aluminum is proven to reflect and dispurse UV back to the tanner better than regular flat reflectors. Most home tanning beds use the cheaper, flat reflectors, or no reflectors at all, cutting the power of the tanning system by up to 30% when compared to Sunmaster. SunMaster has always been the performance leader, and our choice of reflector material clearly demonstrates this.

Our tanning bed ballasts run cooler

Of course, to get the full power out of premium lamps, you need to drive them with premium electronics. Choke style tanning beds use technology that was developed over 100 years ago, limiting their effectiveness. All SunMaster tanning beds use only next generation high frequency electronics that run cooler, use less electricity and will outperform old fashioned ballasts by a mile. They cost a little more, but the extra performance and reliability make it a smart investment.

Award Winning Service and Support

With SunMaster, you get the support and piece of mind that comes with choosing the best. No one has won more awards for Customer Satisfaction than SunMaster. You get a great warranty (see below), the only money back guarantee, free support for life, and the performance and durability that have made SunMaster famous. We have more experience than any "internet only" reseller, and have been providing tanning beds and products to the public since 1985. Whether you stop by our main showroom in Greensboro, North Carolina, call us, or buy online, you can expect the highest level of professional service and support.


Full body fan to blow cool air over you while you tan
Super wide and long so everyone fits comfortably
Computer designed acrylic curvature is more comfortable
More powerful than old fashioned choke ballasts
Pedestal base included
A great warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.
Power Bronzer technology for premium quality tans
The most sun-like tanning lamp made

Technical Specifications

Power Requirement:  240V/20A (NEMA 6-20)
Dimensions:  42" wide by 91" long
Maximum Capacity:  400 pounds
Lamps:  32 x 100W SunMaster Power Bronzer 100
Session time:  15 minute maximum
Timer:  Remote capable
Structure:  Aluminum frame, Korad/ABS exterior
Shipping Weight: 400 pounds (includes pallet/packaging)

Each week, some new websites promises to sell you the "cheapest" tanning bed, but no one else gives you a money back guarantee and can offer you a better VALUE.  Your customers depend on you to provide the best quality tanning experience possible, and delivering it will insure they come back year after year.  Buy it right the first time and insist on SunMaster!

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