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The all new 2015 SunMaster 24

The new SunMaster 24 blows away the competition.   First of all, it uses our new E Series frame, which is 100% solid steel, inside and out.  No plastic tanning bed can compare to the durability and quality of solid steel.  No fading, chipping, cracking or brittle pieces to break off.

Genuine SunMaster tanning lamps inside

SunMaster has been known for the best tanning lamps money can buy for almost 3 decades, and your SunMaster 24 comes standard with SunMaster Custom Bronzer tanning lamps as standard equipment. These are not high-reddening lamps that just burn, but true bronzers that deliver better results in less time. Expect superior results when compared to generic or standard Wolff lamps, no question about it.

SunMaster pioneered high efficiency electronics starting with the original "Gen I" systems.  We always want our beds to run on 120V standard wall plugs, and were the first to develop an 18 lamp, then 24, then 32 lamp version that could do just that.  While others may copy our designs or make dubious claims, we have been making it a reality since 1985.  No other company has devoted more resources into producing super high efficiency control systems than SunMaster.  This means you get more lamps, more power, yet it uses less electricity than other tanning beds with HALF the lamps.

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

A tanning bed doesn't have to look great to perform well, but the SunMaster 24 gives you the best of both worlds.  The solid steel design will look great for decades, and the system is beautiful enough that you will be proud to show it off to your family and friends. While it doesn't have some of the extra design elements of the 32 lamp version, it uses the same heavy duty frame and electronics, so you can expect the same quality results.

Dark and Sexy

Yes, the SunMaster 24certainly is dark and sexy, but we are talking about YOU.  A tanning bed is more than a collection of lamps and parts, it is a balanced system, and nothing is better designed to give you the most natural looking tan than the SunMaster 24.   In 20 short minutes, you are on the way to building the most realistic looking tan of your life.  The kind of tan that makes others jealous.  At SunMaster, we build tans, not just tanning beds, and we are obsessed with making sure our tanning beds are more than "tanning lamp fixtures".  We want your skin to look its best, healthy and radiant with a natural glow that usually takes weeks of tanning outside.   We think you will be impressed with our efforts.

The Best Guarantee in the Industry

Since 1985, every tanning bed we sell has been backed with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  No one else does this.  Think about that:   It says a lot about the confidence we have in our tanning beds.  More importantly, it speaks volumes about how other manufacturers feel about their quality.   Of course, you also get free support for life, and we even pay for the call at 1-800-274-1744.  With SunMaster, you get more than a cheap tanning bed, you get superior support and better quality, all at a great price.  Other companies have come and gone over the last 3 decades, but SunMaster has continued to grow, even in the worst of economies, because we put our customers first.

Bigger and More Comfortable

Lots of manufacturers claim they make a big, comfortable bed, and show you pretty pictures comparing them to other tanning beds.  What they don't compare them to is a SunMaster.  The reason is simple: SunMaster beds ARE bigger and more comfortable.   Compare the actual specifications and see.  3 to 6 inches longer, 3 to 6 inches wider.  Why would you want less than the best?

The Best Performance

If you want salon results at home, you simply can't expect to get them with a cheap, plastic tanning bed. The SunMaster 24 is designed for home tanning bed owners who want real salon results, which is why we put the same electronics, same lamps, same frame, and backed by the same warranty as the many tens of thousands of commercial beds we have sold. We save you some money by removing some of the cosmetics and remove the remote timer port (something that is of no use in a home tanning bed) but we leave in the stuff that matters. The SunMaster 24 delivers a perfect balance of UV across the spectrum, to deliver the most sunlike tanning experience we have ever created.  Any tanning bed can make you look darker, but the new SunMaster 24 will give you the most natural looking tan, better than any tanning bed costing up to twice as much or your money back.  

The Smart Choice

You have a lot of choices when it comes to tanning beds, and we appreciate you looking at SunMaster.  We build them in the USA, back them with the best guarantee and stand behind everything we sell.  We have since 1985.  While SunMaster tanning bed may cost $100-$300 more than plastic copy-cat systems, you get so much more quality, size and performance for your money.  We look forward to your business.


Extra wide and long for maximum comfort.
Custom Bronzer lamps are standard.
Looks great with any home decor.
Proven performance and durability.
Uses half the electricity of outdated Wolff tanning beds.
Computer designed to be the most comfortable.
Nice enough to be the last tanning bed you will ever buy.
Best guarantee and support in the industry.
Size: 39" wide by 81" long.
Power Req:  120v, 15 amp
Lamps: 24x SunMaster Custom Bronzer 100w
Same frame as our salon bed, without the remote timer port
20 minute analog timer on bed
Weight capacity: 300lb
Shipping weight: 400lb (includes pallet)

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