Dual Sun XL

Perfect for those who need extra power in the arm and sides only, or to be used in combination with the regular Dual Sun lamps. One end of the lamp uses different phosphors that put out a higher UVA content for improved tanning. Fits any tanning bed that uses standard F71 lamps with NO modifications.

These are similar to the standard Dual Sun lamps, except the special phosphor covers HALF the lamp instead of just the last 18" of the lamp. These are generally ordered in sets of 8, using TWO in each corner of your tanning bed, and using regular lamps in the middle area of the bench and canopy. (shown below, for both canopy and bench)

Size F71 only.

No special electronics are needed, the technology is inside the lamp.

Specialty Applications:
These lamps are used in several special applications, such as the outer lamps for standard tanning beds to provide more power for tanning the sides (two in each corner of the bench and canopy for a 24 lamp bed, for a total of 8 lamps)

Another special appliation is to convert a standard tanning bed into a "Leg Tanning Machine". By replacing ALL your standard lamps with these, and putting the pink section over the leg area, you can boost tanning for the legs. This is a great way for salon owners to turn a "ho hum" tanning bed into the most popular bed in the salon. Best of all, it isn't permanant, only costs the amount of a set of lamps, and have visual appeal. And it really works!

NOTE: You should look at our LAMP KITS, by selecting from the menu on your left, for complete kits using these lamps, blended with Brilliance lamps. These kits are made for 16 and 24 lamp beds and are more convenient for adding facial tanning for a home tanning bed. The prices in the kits are based upon the individual price of these lamps, so you don't pay extra for the convenience.

While the regular Dual Sun is available in both sizes, this XL lamp is ONLY available in F71 sizes.

Legal Compatability for Salons in Regulated States

Salon Owners: This lamp is legally compatible for your tanning bed if it originally was certified to use these lamps: Diamond Sun S®, Velocity®, Goldarium S or SP, Genesis 120W, Crystal Sun S, Bellarium S, Bellarium Plus, Instatan 5.0, Meridian XL, Real Sun XX, Ultra F1A, Ultra F1B, VIP Gold, Puretan S+, Cosmolux ESP, DOminion.

SunMaster Letter of Compatibility

100W HO size F71 only.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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