Beach Sun 6.5

This is one of our best values. This SUPER HOT Lamp features a full 6.5% UVB, which is up to 54% hotter than most "stock" lamps. This has proven to be our most popular lamp for people who want a HOT lamp that does more than just make you RED.

If you have hard to tan skin, and can't seem to get started with your base tan (assuming you are NOT fair skinned) then this has enough UVB to stimulate maximum melanin production.

Legal Compatibility for Salons in Regulated States

Salon Owners: This lamp is legally compatible for your tanning bed if it originally was certified to use these lamps: Diamond Sun S®, Velocity®, Goldarium S or SP, Genesis 120W, Crystal Sun S, Bellarium S, Bellarium Plus, Instatan 6.9+, Real Sun XXX, Everglo, LSI 6.5%, Sunbronze 6.5%, Eternal Sun, MegaSun 6.5%, Cosmolux ESP.

SunMaster Letter of Compatibility

100W HO. Select your size below.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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