Designed in America by SunMaster for use in their Custom Shop beds, this kit will quickly upgrade your existing tanning bed to a more SunMaster like experience. This kit uses our Dual Zone™ technology to deliver 20% more tanning power directly on your legs. For those of you that have difficulty tanning your legs due to frequent shaving or other reasons, this will jumpstart your tan, and give you legs the exposure they deserve. All lamps are matched for perfectly balanced output. Designed to last 5 years in most home systems, 1200 hours of actual operation.

This will instantly convert your ordinary home tanning bed into a Leg Tanning Machine, for a fraction of the price of a dedicated leg tanner.

This kit will fit the following tanning beds:
SunQuest Wolff, SunMaster, Virtual Sun, Private Sun, SunVision Wolff, SunStar, ProSun, Alpha Sun, ESB, Solar Storm, Soleil, and any other tanning bed using "F71 100 watt" lamps. This includes 98% of all home beds.

This kit contains a total of 30 SunMaster Pro Body lamps

Installation Instructions
Install all 24 SunMaster Custom Body lamp in the bed with the pink section (the half with the label) over your legs.

Salon Owners: This lamp kit is legally compatible for your tanning bed if it originally was certified to use these lamps:  Diamond Sun S®, Velocity®, Bellarium S, Bellarium Plus, Brilliance 5.0, Eternal Sun, Cystal Sun S, Goldarium SP, Voltarc 4.2 or 5.0, Sunburst and some other lamps.

SunMaster Letter of Compatibility    Installing SunMaster Dual Zone Tanning Lamps Guide

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