The Top 10 Reasons You Should Buy A Home Tanning Bed

(Special Reluctant Spouse Edition)

Save money!

1. Save Money. Owning a home tanning bed costs less than going to the salon. Even if you finance it, once it is paid for, the cost per session for electricity is pennies. You save money in the long run, in several ways.  Most quality home tanning beds are designed to last for decades, saving you many times more than the cost of the bed over time.

Save time!

2. Save time. No more driving back and forth to the salon. Use this time for more constructive things. You also save gasoline. It costs MORE in gas to drive to the salon than the tanning bed uses in electricity per session, 10 to 15 cents per session versus $1-$2 to drive 5 or 10 miles.  This really adds up fast! Your time is worth something, too.

It's more sanitary!

3. It is more sanitary. While most salons do a great job of keeping their tanning beds clean, when you own your own tanning bed, YOU decide who uses it and how clean it will remain.

It's more comfortable!

4. Comfort. You don't have to rush in and rush out of the tanning room. You can tan at your own leisure, and if you DO tend to nap while tanning, no one will be banging on the door so the next tanner can enter.  A good home tanning bed is one YOU picked out for your personal comfort.

It's more convenient!

5. Convenience. You can tan anytime you want, 24 hours a day. It is hard to find a spare hour to go to the salon, but anyone can find 20 minutes to spare.  The best tans are built one day at a time, every day.

A better tan!

6. A better tan. Because it is easier to tan regularly, you are MUCH more likely to tan regularly and get that tan you always dreamed of. Who doesn't want to get the darkest, sexiest tan possible?   The next time you go to the beach or lake, you can expect a great tan, instead of a bad burn.

You are in control!

7. You are in control. You decide how often you tan, how long, and what time of day. Rain or shine, you can still tan.  You have the power to decide your own tan level. You can select a tanning bed that is custom tailored for your tanning needs, instead of choosing what is available next at the salon.

No Overheating!

8. No overheating. Nothing worse than a 95 degree day and you are the 15th person to tan in a salon tanning bed. Or worse, try tanning outdoors on the hottest days. Whew!  When you own a home tanning bed, you don't have to break a sweat just to get a great tan.

Save on lotions!

9. Save on lotions. Our home tanning bed customers get to buy lotions from a special password protected site, at prices that are the lowest in the industry. You save everytime you put tanning lotion on, up to 80% off salon prices.  Great lotions make for great tan, and great savings are nice, too!

You deserve it!

10. You deserve it. You work hard, you play hard, you take care of the whole family, this is a great way to look great, feel great, and make it all worth while.  You can spend the extra time and money you saved on everyone else.

Now is the time to quit making excuses, save money, and start building the tan of your life!

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