The Background of UVA SunSystems, Inc.

UVA SunSystems, Inc. is a privately held, family owned corporation in the State of North Carolina. UVA owns the SunMaster®, Virtual Sun® and Custom Shop® trademarks and produces these lines of tanning beds through their Jemison, Alabama facilities and imports some models from Belgium, Germany and Moldova. Additionally, they own the Revenge, Tequila SunRise, Blue Moon and other tanning lotion lines, and produce a wide array of other products relating to the tanning industry.

UVA SunSystems, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Rick Pierce, who is still acting President to this day. UVA was originally a distributor for Sun Industries, Inc. tanning beds, and eventually Montego Bay, SonnenBraune, Dr. Kern and others. UVA SunSystems, Inc. purchased the trade name "SunMaster", methods and designs over a decade ago, and began full time production of home and commercial tanning equipment. The primary production facilities were kept in Alabama, where they exist in a much expanded state.

Most employees of UVA SunSystems, Inc. have worked in the industry for almost a decade. Many employees have been with UVA for over a dozen years. UVA SunSystems, Inc. enjoys a turnover rate that approaches 0%, a rarity in this industry and a significant reason why UVA has remained sucessful for over 2 decades.

UVA SunSystems, Inc. has always offered a money back guarantee on every tanning bed it has ever sold. Additionally, they offer free lifetime support on all tanning beds they manufacture. Their focus has always been on maintaining a customer satisfaction rating in excess of 99%. They enjoy tremendous repeat business as a result.

UVA SunSystems, Inc. has poured tremendous resources into the development, advancement and production of SunMaster tanning beds, with the goal of making them the most advanced and energy efficient tanning beds on the market. Some of the world class achievements over the years include:

One of the first company to have an internet presence, 1997.
First company to sell beds directly online to the public
First 18 lamp bed to run on 120V/15A.
First 24 lamp bed to run on 120V/20A.
First 24 lamp bed to run on 120V/15A.
First 24 lamp bed with full body cooler to run on 120V/15A.
Pioneer in the research and development of high frequency electronics for tanning beds.
First home tanning bed with dedicated leg tanning.
First company to offer custom made tanning beds.
Many others.

A few companies have attempted to recreate some of the advances pioneered by SunMaster, but none have done so successfully. Currently, SunMaster makes the only 24 lamp tanning beds that can plug directly into any wall socket, for instance.

By focusing on productivity and by selling direct to the public, UVA SunSystems is able to offer equipment for about 20% to 40% less than it would cost from a dealer or internet only seller. It also allows them to have a greater deal of control over the finished product, insuring initial satisfaction remains high. The goal has never been to have the least expensive equipment, but rather to provide the most advanced tanning beds, for an average price.

UVA SunSystems, Inc. also offers a line of commercial tanning beds that utilize our advanced electronics (now in the 4th generation) that provide more UV from the same lamp, yet produce up to 80% less heat and use 30% to 50% less electricity. This provides tremendous advantages for the salon owner as it reduces their initial expense for cooling their salon, as well as reduces their on going expenses for operating the tanning beds and air conditioning.

UVA SunSystems, Inc. sells the vast majority of their tanning beds directly online or from their main corporate office in Browns Summit, NC, just north of Greensboro. They do have a few select dealers throughout the USA who in both home and commercial equipment, providing installation and service.

UVA SunSystems, Inc. sells most equipment direct to the public and is unique in this "direct channel" method of distribution in an industry cluttered with territories and distributorships. This insures that SunMaster customers can always speak directly with the actual employees who design, build, ship and service their tanning beds, and is part of the reason why SunMaster has the highest customer satisfaction rating that we are aware of.

The philosophy at UVA SunSystems, Inc. is fairly simple: Create the most customers by giving them a reason to recommend us to their friends. Our original "motto" still holds true today: Your Friendly Tanning Connection.

You can contact them:

UVA SunSystems, Inc.
6208 Technology Dr.
Browns Summit, NC 27214
1-800-274-1744 (and others)
sales at

Last update: 1-13-2006

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