No catch, they are really free. The most popular signs, all in PDF format. Download Adobe Reader if you don't have it already. They are all designed to be printed on 8.5" x 11" standard paper. They are very simple and not as pretty as the acrylic signs, but meet the legal requirements and will do until you can buy the regular signs. We have also included a few basics that will come in handy. They can be printed on white or color paper.

We really want to make it easy and affordable for new and smaller salon owners. We hope these help. Bookmark this page now to make it easy to come back when you need more.

Customer Reference - Initial Info
Customer Reference - Initial Info

Customer Reference - Visitation Log
Customer Reference - Visitation Log

Returned Checks - $15 Fee

Returned Checks - $20 Fee

Returned Checks - $25 Fee

Danger - Ultraviolet Radiation

Eyewear Must Be Worn

Tanning Instructions

Cancelled Appointment Fees

Medications List

Children / Unsupervised - Regular

Children / Unsupervised - Comic

Promo - Free Eyewear with 1 Month Package

Promo - Free Lotion with 1 Year Package

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Red Light Therapy
Red light beds
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