Complete kit to add face tanning
to almost any tanning bed.

Are you ready for an all new tanning experience?   This kit will jump start your old tanning bed and turn it into a serious tanning machine.

The kit is based around a 5% phosphor, the best all around ratio for true, deep bronzing.  Then we add a 6.5% boost in the face area to speed up face tanning.

It isn't about instant reddening or "quick tricks", it is about true quality bronzing that looks more realistic and sun-like than the "hot rod" lamps that are made to burn you fast.

Read below for a list of what lamps come in the kit.

Congratulations!  You have decided to upgrade the quality of your tanning bed by installing a SunMaster Pro Face tanning kit.  This kit contains two different lamps, the Custom Bronzer (our standard 5% bronzing lamp) and the Pro Face, our premium Dual Zone lamp that combines a traditional bronzer with a section to boost face tanning.  When lit, your tanning bed should look something like this:

Pro Body tanning lamps installed

Pink section over your face is a 6.5% medium hot bronzer, the blue section is a 5% traditional bronzer.  Both phosphor mixes are based on our Pro Series lamps, which means they last 50% longer than regular lamps and are designed for the rigors of professional salons.  You can install any 5% bronzer in the bench.  Our kits have Custom Bronzer lamps (800 hour rating) but since we have upgraded the Pro Face to a 1200 hour system, we recommend you instead put the Pro Bronzer 5%, which is a 1200 hour lamp.  This will make the whole system balanced for a full 1200 hours, which is over 7 years in most homes.

This kit is designed for installing half of the lamps (Pro Face) in the canopy and half in the bench (Custom Bronzer).  If your canopy and bench isn't evenly split, call us for a custom kit for your bed.  Keep in mind, the prices for the kits are the same as adding up the individual lamps, so you are not being charged extra for it being in kit form.  This is also true when you call over the phone, you get our best price guaranteed, no matter where you buy.

Technical Info

Life: 1200 hours (Pro Face)
800 hours (Custom Bronzer)
UVB rating: 5%/6.5%
Color: blue and pink
Sizes: F71, 100w, T12
Hotness factor: medium
Bronzing factor: high

Designed for tanning salons and home users that want a significant boost in tanning over their faces.

Skin types: All but the most sensitive skin types.

Works in all SunQuest Wolff, SunVision, Sunstar, ESB, Solar Storm, SunMaster, Alpha Sun or other beds that use F71 size lamps.   Call 1-800-274-1744 if you need help determining size.

SunMaster Letter of Compatibility  Installing SunMaster Dual Zone Tanning Lamps Guide

This kit contains the following lamps:

10 Pro Face F71
10 Custom Bronzer F71

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

FF20$279.80Size (Part#): 
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