Cosmolux VLR

The 100 watt HO lamp that tans like a 160 watt VHR! Using the same phosphors as their world famous VHR, this lamp brings new life to standard tanning beds, without replacing electronics. While more costly than standard lamps, this is an exceptional lamp for people who are trying to get the darkest possible tan.

This is a true European bronzing lamp, with slightly lower UVB. It doesn't get you red fast, but a little patience is more than rewarded with a darker than than standard lamps can ever achieve. One of the highest quality tanning lamps made, at any price. UVB rating not published, thought to be around 4%.

Please note: This is a RUVA lamp (Reflector UVA) with a built in reflector in each lamp. This should NOT be used on 16 lamp beds, or any tanning bed where the lamps are far apart from each other, or striping will occur. This lamp should work fine for most 24 or more lamp tanning beds.

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