Both Virtual Sun and SunMaster tanning beds are built here here in the USA, and always have been (We've been here since 1985). They are both built in the same manufacturing plant, often by the same technicians, and to the same engineering standards. Our Alabama factory is highly integrated, and most parts are built on site, rather than simply importing and assembling foreign parts. Here is an outline on the fundamental differences and similarities between the two product lines.

Frame and Structure

SunMaster beds are considerably bigger than Virtual Sun. Virtual Sun are typically sized as home tanning beds. SunMaster beds are over 38 inches wide, however, and were designed for the rigors of the tanning salon, so they are wider and more durable. Both beds are much longer than the industry standard. Both have extruded "air craft" style aluminum for the majority of their inner frame. Like most parts of the bed, the aluminum frames are 100% made in the USA.

The shell (outside) of the tanning bed is slightly thicker on the SunMaster tanning beds, to endure the rigors of the tanning salon. Like the metal parts, this material is 100% USA made and custom formed, cut and fitted in our plant.

A small number of SunMaster beds use solid steel parts from Europe but are fully assembled in the US. These frame parts come from Alpha Industries of Belgium. These are very limited in number and mainly special order systems where a 100% steel frame is required.


Similar, but the SunMaster beds have notably higher UV output due to the type and connections of the electronics within the system. Virtual Sun beds are more typical of other home tanning beds, while SunMaster can outperform them all. All SunMaster and Virtual Sun tanning beds use the most advanced high frequency electronics systems that run cooler, use significantly less electricity and last much longer than traditional ballasts. SunMaster was the first to switch to this new technology, and is proud to be a pioneer in developing more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for tanning bed owners.


This varies by model, but all Virtual Sun and SunMaster tanning beds now use 100% SunMaster tanning lamps for better bronzing. While cheaper brands have switched to using very light duty lamps (ie: you will replace in 1 or 2 years), our customers generally get at least 5 years out of a set of lamps. This is because even our least expensive beds use salon grade lamps. You get what you pay for.


Go the warranty page for exact details, but essentially Virtual Sun are covered by a One Year Limited Warranty, while SunMaster beds are covered for three years on parts and Limited Lifetime on structure.


In this respect, we treat all tanning beds the same. We are the only manufacturer to offer FREE UNLIMITED SUPPORT on every new tanning bed we sell, even if we didn't build it. We even pay for the phone call, on our toll-free line. It may not seem like a big deal today, but later down the road, you WILL be glad you purchased from us if you ever need to replace a part, need to move the system across town (or the country), or just need support. We have been doing this since 1985, we love what we do, and it shows.

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