This section is devoted to persons who are searching for a canopy tanning unit for use in their home, and should provide the information they need to make a decision regarding whether or not to purchase a canopy tanning system.

First, you should know that we discontinued selling canopy units about 8 years ago. We featured an all metal canopy unit at that time that was a brisk seller, however, what we discovered about customer satisfaction with canopies led us to discontinue selling them.

The fact is, most customers who purchase a canopy unit soon regret it. This is due to the inconvenience of having to tan twice as long to cover both sides, and most have 30 minute sessions. This means it takes a full hour to get both sides fully exposed. Over 50% of those who purchased a canopy quit using them within one month after purchasing them.

Canopy units must be moved into position, usually over a flat surface. In spite of claims to the contrary, this is labor since most of them do not slide well over carpet. Once in position, the customer gets to begin an hour of lying under the lamps to get a tan. Unfortunately, most of us do not have a spare hour to spend lying still every day, thus the reason they seldom get used after purchase.

Canopy units are much narrower than beds, so even if you do have an hour a day to spend tanning, you have to get up on your sides or they will not get exposure. This means a lot of movement to get an even tan. This is a lot of work, and most people will not do it every day, thus their tans are not even, and they are not happy.

The other concern is related to safety. The canopies we sold had clear acrylic shields over the lamps, protecting you in case of accidental breakage. All canopies that we are aware of today use a wire grill instead, which offers no protection from broken glass if the unit is bumped hard, but saves the manufacturer several dollars. We have never, and will never, sell a tanning bed that uses a wire grill over the lamps.

We ask you consider your options carefully before purchasing a canopy unit from ANY retailer. At the very least, make sure it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee in writing, so you are covered if you find that you are among the majority that finds it too bothersome to use daily.

For over 20 years, we have prided ourselves on providing the equipment that people love to buy AND use. Our equipment has the highest resale value in the industry, and our customer satisfaction rating exceeds 99% every year. It is simply not possible to accomplish this by selling equipment that we know the customer will be unhappy with.

If price is a concern, please consider financing a full tanning bed with us, or another retailer if you don't find what you are looking for here. If portability is the concern, consider all your options, especially if you do not have an hour a day to spend in a canopy tanning unit. For most, going to a professional salon is the better option.

We are truly committed to your satisfaction and safe tanning. With this in mind, we can not offer a canopy tanning for sale because it simply does not fit into our goals for customer service.

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