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Alpha Sun Model 24

The best selling Alpha Sun in the USA, with all the basic features you expect from a premium quality tanning bed. Unlike "discount warehouse" tanning beds, the Alpha Sun is all steel inside and out. To give you maximum UV exposure, it features individual parabolic reflectors. This means that each lamp is nestled in its very own reflector system, focusing all the tanning power to the tanner.
Free body fan!
This Alpha Sun tanning bed uses Sol Soft tanning lamps throughout. They are a lower UVB, higher UVA lamp that is famous for deeper, darker tans. They don't "get you red quick", and instead rely on the bronzing action of UVA to build a darker tan over time. People who burn easily, or those who are simply more concerned about the "quality" of their tan really love these lamps.
Alpha Sun Tanning Beds - Benefits
The Alpha Sun "Sunny Series" of beds puts a 100% salon grade frame, shell, electronics and lamps all within the price range of a home tanning bed.  They are the same width and basic frame as the more expensive Power 36 Series, without the ballast tray and other nonessentials that are simply not needed in a home environment:  All of the power, none of the frills.


Solid steel design is very  rugged
Super wide so everyone fits comfortably
Tunnel design for all around tanning coverage
Pedestal base included
Direct One Year Limited Warranty
European bronzing lamps
Cosmopower salon style electronics
Individual parabolic reflectors

Technical Specifications

Power:  220V-230V / 20A NEMA 6-20
Dimensions: ~ 39" wide by 75" long
Maximum Capacity:  400 pounds
Lamps:  24 ERS Sol Soft 100W
Session time:  20 minute maximum
Timer:  Built-in 20 minute analog
Structure:  100% steel, inside and out.
Shipping Weight: 380 pounds (includes pallet/packaging)

Alpha Sun tanning beds are built in a completely new, state-of-the-art facility in Chisinau, Moldova by Alpha Industries of Hasselt, Belgium.  They are imported exclusively by UVA/TanningBeds4Less and offer the user an excellent tanning experience in a truly salon grade frame, at a fraction of the cost of similar tanning beds.  For those needing the most durable of tanning beds or want traditional European style tanning, Alpha Sun is the preferred choice.

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