Pro Plus 24 Tanning Lamp Kit w/400w Facial

Our best selling kit for tanning beds with 400W face tanning

Pro Plus lamps deliver the best of all worlds, and a great looking tan every time.

Slightly hot and high bronzing action for tans that get noticed.  More bronzing than reddening, and no odd orange tones, just golden bronze, for just about any tanning bed made.  It is our most popular 6.5% lamp for a reason: Results. 

They last longer.
They tan faster.
You'll love your tan.
Pro Plus lamps have traditionally been one of our best selling tanning lamps.   They offer exceptional tanning results, longer life (1200+ hours) in our most popular strength, 6.5%.  They don't skimp on bronzing either.  Using our Pro grade phosphors, they deliver UVA in the right spectrum to help you get better color.   Rich, natural color with no odd tones.

The Pro Plus tanning lamp is a legal equivelent for Wolff Bellarium S, Diamond Sun S, Velocity and many others, yet is moderately hotter for faster bronzing action.  Their multi-phosphor design delivers consistant tanning, even after hundreds of hours of use.

Technical Info

Life rating: 1200+ hours
UVB rating: 6.5%
Color: blue
Sizes: Mix of F71 and F59
Hotness factor: medium high
Bronzing factor: high

Designed for premium 20 minute tanning beds with HP face tanning.  Extra long life span make them more cost effective.

Skin types: All but sensitive or fair skin.
This kit contains 25 lamps: 24 full size tanning lamps in a mix of F71 and F59 plus a 400w high pressure facial tanning bulb, shown left.   Be sure to count the long and short lamps in your bed before ordering, and select the right mix below before ordering.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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