SunMaster Tanning Lamps Available To The Public

SunMaster tanning lamps will be available for shipment to the public on February 1, 2006. Initially, 4 new lamps will be available, including:

SunMaster Custom Bronzer: High output 5% style lamp
SunMaster Custom Plus: Very high output 6.5% lamp
SunMaster Custom Face: Dual Sun licensed lamp in a custom configuration and phosphor mix.
SunMaster Custom Body: Dual Sun licensed in a custom configuration and phosphor mix.

These lamps use patented technology licensed by LSI, and have been used in Custom Shop and other premium SunMaster tanning beds for some time. They are abotu 20% stronger than the original SunMaster lamps, pioneered in the mid 90s. They use several advanced technolgies, including Sol Glass for higher UV transmission.

Because of the tremendous volume of these lamps as OEM equipment in SunMaster tanning beds, they will be available at very low prices relative to other lamps, mainly in the $11 to $15 range. This will put them in the reach of virtually anyone wanting to replace their salon or home tanning bed with premium brand name lamps. The lamps are rated for a full 800 hours of real world lamp life.

There are several other models of SunMaster lamps expected to be released in 2006, and details will follow as they become available.

Discounts for large quantities are available (120/288/pallet) for salon owners, making them the most cost effective way to relamp existing tanning beds, with prices well under $10 each and free shipping on these bulk purchases.

The SunMaster lamps are legally compatible with many OEM lamps, including Diamond Sun S, Velocity, Bellarium S and others.

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