We no longer stock Wolff lamps, but can special order them.

We have quit stocking Wolff lamps due to very low demand for these lamps. While Wolff Systems tanning lamps are just as good as they once were, lamp technology has evolved over the last 30 years.  Also, many Wolff lamps have been discontinued, including the Crystal Sun S, Bellarium S and others.

While there is nothing wrong with using the same tanning lamps your mother did, we feel you will be happier with the new, patented technology found in SunMaster lamps.

Wolff Systems tanning lamps and tanning bulbsNeed tanning lamps for a Wolff System?
If you are looking for replacements for older Wolff Systems tanning lamps, such as the Diamond Sun S®, Crystal Sun S, Bellarium S, Velocity®, and others, we can either special order them, or for less money, you can buy legally compatible SunMaster lamps, our most popular and best priced lamps. They are 100% guaranteed to fit perfect and work better than your old Wolff Systems tanning lamps and are available in all sizes.  Read more...
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