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Many older tanning beds used either Single or Double Electronic ballasts that looks similar to these shown. This includes SunTana 2400E, ESB, Celebrity, SunQuest and others. All are 120V ballasts, even if the beds are 240V/4wire. These ballasts are no longer being made. One company is rebuilding these older units, but because of reliability, we do not stock nor recommend them.

Your only option is to replace 4 of the single electronic, or 2 of the double electronic ballasts with ONE of the SunHorse 120V ballasts. This is not a trivial task, but can be done in a fairly straight forward manner if you or your technician are comfortable with rewiring a section of your bed. How long this will take greatly depends on the model of bed, and the proficiency of the person doing the work, with typical work times ranging from 2 hours to 6 hours.

The conversion consists of buying ONE SunHorse ballast, installing in a central section of the affected bed half, and rewiring to four of your existing lamps. When you do this, it will free up either 3 single electronic ballasts, or 1 double electronic ballast, which can be used as a spare for future outages.

The new ballast is less expensive than rebuild versions, and covers up to 4x more lamps, so it is also the most economical solution. They are also extremely reliable and the current technology we use in our commercial SunMaster beds. You can choose to either use the SunHorse ballast for 4 lamps (preferred) or the WorkHorse 8 ballast for 3 lamps (use only if you have single electronic ballasts, not preferred for this application). Below is a wiring diagram for the SunHorse ballast that you can use to help you make your decision. Performance using this new ballast will be different, but in a 20 minute session, should be greater than the old ballasts.

This is an unsupported configuration that has been done many times, successfully in all cases.

View and print the new wiring diagram by clicking here.

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