Thanks for considering TanningBeds4Less for your tanning bed.  As you can probably see, our tanning beds are competitively priced, but they are not the least expensive.   We wanted to quickly explain WHY our beds cost a little more, and let you see why they actually will lost you less in the long run.  They are a better value, built here in America.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are still the only company to offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  Simply put, if you don't love it, you don't buy it.  We are not sure why NO OTHER company will do this.

Better exterior

Less expensive tanning beds use materials like polystyrene in the outside.  This is a rigid plastic that is very inexpensive, but it turns yellow when exposed to ultraviolet.  With a year or two of use, they will be very discolored and faded, and the plastic shell can become very brittle, making it more likely to crack.  SunMaster and Virtual Sun beds use a special Corad capped ABS, which blocks virtually all UV, for a lifetime of great looks.  Alpha Sun beds have a steel shell, which is not affected by UV.

Better lamps

SunMaster beds use SunMaster lamps, for good reason.  There is more than two decades of experience in every lamp, and more patents than any other brand of lamp.   Our ClearTech lamps are so revolutionary, they are quickly becoming the fastest selling replacement lamp for salon owners, because of their premium sun-like spectrum.   They also last twice as long as most lamps.  Better yet, they are the most environmentally friendly lamp in the industry, as they were the first (and only) tanning lamp to completely remove all germanium and lead in the photophor AND we reduced the amount of mercury inside the lamp.  They also use a patented new glass for better UV transmission.  Better quality, lowest heavy metals for the environment, proven higher UV output.

Less electricity

SunMaster was the first company to produce a 24 lamp tanning bed that plugs in the wall.  They are still the only beds that use a regular wall outlet, 15 amps.   The other "say" they run on 120V, but they still require a dedicated circuit, costing you around $200 to install.  Even though SunMaster beds deliver more UV (due to our electronics and lamps) they actually use LESS electricity than any other brand of tanning bed, making them less expensive to own.

Better support

We don't just sell the beds, we build them here in the USA, so when you call for any reason, you are talking to the same people who designed and manufactured your tanning bed.  No "Internet Only Dealer" or lesser imports can compare.  We offer free support for life, and this is fully transferable if you ever sell your tanning bed.  We have won more service award rankings than any other brand, including "Top Service" by Yahoo every year they have offered the rankings.  No one backs their tanning beds better than  TanningBeds4Less.

We know tanning

We started in 1985, and most of our employees have been here over a decade.  We design our beds, our lamps and our lotions, we don't just sell other people's offerings.   Simply put, we have the most experience, and will be always be here if you need us.   Call us and compare price, quality and overall value.  We look forward to helping you get the perfect tanning bed for your needs.