General Warnings
The following are generally warnings that are referred to in different areas of the website. The purpose is to provide accurate information regarding potentially dangerous tasks or other warnings relevent to maintaining tanning beds. For your convenience, some terms are linked to Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia, which is not affiliated with TanningBeds4Less or its parent company, UVA SunSystems, Inc.

Warning!Electrocution Risk
Tanning equipment and components contain high voltage inside them and should not be repaired except by qualified technicians and licensed electricians. Never work on a tanning bed or electrical component with the unit connected to power. Never attempt to repair sealed ballasts or other components. Always wear proper eye protection and gloves when working around tanning equipment. Always refer all maintenance and repairs to qualified personel.
Failure to follow basic electrical safety guidelines can result in personal injury, electrocution and/or death.

All fluorescent lamps, including standard office lights, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) and tanning lamps contain the element mercury. Because of this, they should not be disposed of with regular trash. All fluorescent lamps should be taken to a local facility that handles other hazardous waste, such as paints, oil or chemicals. You should never break open a fluorescent lamp as to prevent the escape of the mercury inside. Disposing of fluorescent lamps in an inappropriate manner can result in mercury reaching ground water and drinking water supplies. Ingestion of mercury through foods, water or other means can cause mercury poisoning and birth defects. All fluorescent lamps and other devices that contain mercury are required by law to carry the "Circle Hg" marking. Hg is the elemental abbreviation for Mercury on the periodic table.
Circle Hg - Contains Mercury

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