Vacustep for tanning bed salon owners

What is VacuStep?The VacuStep System

VacuStep is the new system for reducing the appearance of cellulite, and it has been sweeping Europe, and now America.  Just like indoor tanning was in the 1980s, VacuStep is fresh, new, and proven method for increasing your client's looks and self-esteem without having to break a sweat.  The VacuStep system can easily be added to any tanning salon, women's circuit fitness or other fitness establishment with a minimum of hassles.   It is safe, effective, and for the entrepreneur salon owner, highly profitable.

This page is designed solely to provide you with some basics of the system.  You can read more at or call toll-free at 1-877-749-9969 to get more information, including a color catalog.

VacuStep is the non-surgical alternative to liposuction

This is a pretty bold claim, and as such, should be backed by very bold proof.  And it is.  It has been featured in both regional and national news programs (FOX) and is currently offered at dozens of locations all over the USA, and is the fastest growing segment of the beauty and fitness industry.  In short: It simply works, and we will show you how.

First, understand that the VacuStep program isn't magic.  It requires the client to visit your salon 5 days a week for a month, followed by weekly maintenance visits.  They will spend about 30 minutes per day doing a light workout on an elliptical trainer in a very special and patented device, first created in Germany a few years ago.  They need not break a sweat, but they must stick to the program, and the results are guaranteed.  This is not a simple elliptical trainer, but a sophisticated machine that uses the latest breakthrough in cosmetic and physical science.

VacuStep before and after - click for closeup
VacuStep before and after - click for closeup
VacuStep before and after - click for closeup
VacuStep before and after - click for closeup
VacuStep before and after - click for closeup
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VacuStep will reduce the appearance of cellulite

These photos demonstrate typical cosmetic improvement in 30 days.  You will begin seeing results within 2 weeks, and they get better over time.  Firmer skin and trimmer legs and thighs, all without expensive surgery.

These are all unretouched photos.  You can click on any to see a close-up view (it will pop open a new window so you don't loose your place.)

The VacuStep system is for healthy women who need help in those problem areas such as the hips and thighs.  Most of your tanning bed customers are the exact people who would benefit from the VacuStep system:  VacuStep customers are typically in average to good physical condition, but need help in the problem areas.

For over 95% of women, they can achieve the results they are looking for with VacuStep without expensive and risky surgery.

VacuStep is an incredible business opportunity

VacuStep is smart businessSalon owners who adopt the VacuStep system early will have an incredible advantage over older style salons because they will be able to deliver the COMPLETE PACKAGE.  Just like tanning salon clients, VacuStep clients want to look good and feel great with a minimum of hassle and expense.  The VacuStep systems are not inexpensive, but the average return on investment and "time to payoff" is significantly quicker than any tanning bed, and your advertising is minimal because you already have customers coming to you now that would want the service.  It is an easy sell to existing salon clients who know and trust you.

The salon owner will charge the client $200 to $300 for a 20 session package (first month's worth), PLUS profits from Drink Supplement and maintenance visits.  See the average return on investment page for complete breakdown showing how you can make $6000 to over $10,000 per month, per system, using real world numbers.

The math is simple:  Everyone wants to look good, and do so with the minimum amount of effort.  For some it is an inexpensive alternative to surgery.  For others, it is an affordable and effective method for slimming the most difficult part of the female body, the legs and thighs.  For the salon owner, it is a system that delivers results that your clients will be happy to pay for.

The VacuStep SystemVacuStep is easily integrated into your tanning salon

VacuStep systems require very little maintenance and a moderate amount of oversight.   You will need to train your employees to administer the system, but professional training is available for your managers from VacuStepUSA.  You can easily fit 2 or more VacuStep system into the average room built for a tanning bed (you don't need individual rooms or extra air conditioning).  They even run on 120V, and do not require dedicated circuits (they draw a little over 1 amp each).

You can use your existing Customer Card System for client tracking, or client tracking software. VacuStep does not require certification or registration other than standard business licensing.  You can use existing employees to assist the VacuStep clients.

VacuStep is the easiest add-on revenue system for existing tanning salons and other businesses.  You can start using your new VacuStep system the day it arrives.

VacuStep works

VacuStep Measures Up

The problem with the current method of losing weight in the thighs and hips are simple:   They don't work.  Even the most dedicated gym fanatic is not happy with "saddlebags" and cellulite.  This is particularly true with women who have had children.  No matter how hard they try, it is just too difficult to get slim in these problem areas.  And because working out is so difficult, most quit soon after they begin.

Now comes the VacuStep system, and the science and client history prove it works.   It is based on the proven concepts that reduce the appearance of cellulite.  This takes a combination of light exercise, done in a reduced and regulated atmosphere, while drinking the right fluids, and performed within a proper schedule.  Inside the VacuStep is a special elliptical system.  A special fitting on the system creates an airtight seal around the client, and the machine applies a controlled and variable reduction in atmosphere to increase the blood flow.  It is this patented, yet simple combination that gets remarkable results with minimal effort by the client.

Most salons give a money back guarantee and we have never heard of anyone having to refund the customer fees.  With this type of pledge, once your clients start seeing the results from other customers, keeping your new VacuStep systems busy won't be a problem.  Many tanning salons are finding all the business they need without ANY additional advertising.  Word of mouth has also generated many new customers, including new tanning customers who love the VacuStep system.

VacuStep WorksVacuStep is the future

The VacuStep system is helping make tanning salons and other businesses more profitable every day.  While it isn't magic, the results are the next best thing.   Once a client tries it for a week or two, they will be hooked.  It IS the only alternative that works with so little effort.  Just as tanning lets your clients look bronze with the least amount of effort, the VacuStep system will give their bodies the finishing touch to look their absolute best, in about 30 minutes.

Many salons owners are trying everything to make more profits.  You have probably tried expensive megabeds, Nail Stations or other services, but these don't address WHY their customers come to them in the first place:  To look FABULOUS with the least amount of effort.  The VacuStep delivers on this promise this like nothing else.

Your Move

The next step is to learn more and find out if VacuStep is right for your business.   You can start by visiting the official website for VacuStep in the USA at or calling toll-free at 1-877-749-9969 during business hours CST.  We will be happy to send you a full color catalog explaining in detail more about the amazing VacuStep system, with no obligation to purchase anything.  See for yourself how VacuStep can increase your bottom line, while slimming your client's.

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