Kit of 26 Red Light Therapy Bulbs

This is a kit of 26 F71 sized red light therapy bulbs

Red Light Therapy lamp have NO ultraviolet so they will not tan you. They are a revolutionary new kind of bulb that is reported to improve skin tone and texture while rebuilding collagen. Now it is easy to convert your tanning bed into a red light therapy system using these lamps. If your tanning bed uses only F71T12 lamps (most do) then you just replace with these lamps. No other special equipment or wiring is needed; it is that simple. Thousands of exclusive spas use these exact same lamps in their red light therapy systems and now you can in your home or your salon. Quick, affordable and easy.

While tanning lamps give fairly quick results, rebuilding collagen takes more time. Most people see results within a few weeks and exceptional results with six weeks, then just use the lamps 3 times a week as maintenance. 20 to 30 minutes is best, you can't "burn" or overdo it, so there is no risk of injury.

red light therapy reflector

This lamp has a built in reflector to make it even stronger. This means no light goes behind the lamp. Be sure to install it with the label facing YOU. You should be able to read the label on all the lamps.

Most tanning beds use F71 sized lamps, the kind with two metal pins at the end and are about 6 foot long. This includes most ESB, SunQuest, SunVision, SunMaster, Soleil, Solar Storm, Alpha Sun, SunStar and others. These lamps will fit those tanning beds and convert them to red light therapy beds without any modifications. Call if you aren't sure if these will fit your bed.

This is a kit of 26 F71 sized red light therapy bulbs

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