This is a kit of 14 Pro Bronzer tanning lamps, in size F71 or F73 (choose below)

Pro Bronzer tanning lamps are designed for people like you who want the deepest, darkest 20 minute tan.  Perfect balance of speed (average) and depth of color (above average) guarantees you a more realistic looking tan.

5% UVB mix is perfect for people who want bronzing with less reddening.

Extra long life, extra deep tans for an extra sexy you.

Technical Info

Life rating: 1200+ hours
(5 year at home)
UVB rating: 5%
Color: blue
Sizes: F71, F73, (F59 individually)
Hotness factor: medium
Bronzing factor:  very high

Designed for professional tanning salons and serious home tanning enthusiasts.  Slightly slower but very deep and dark tanning.

Skin types: All but extremely sensitive skin.

PB14$195.86Size (Part#): 
She's got legs, and knows how to tan them.

Put more power over your legs when you upgrade your tanning bed to Pro Body tanning lamps by SunMaster.  They put 20% more UVB over your legs for a more even tanning experience, without sacrificing any bronzing for the rest of your body.   It is literally two lamps in one.  Affordable, simple and effective.