This is a kit of 30 Power Bronzer tanning lamps, for the most intense tanning experience.

Power Bronzer tanning lamps deliver outrageous amounts of UVA and UVB using RUVA technology, where we put a reflector inside EVERY lamp.  This focuses all the UV toward you for up to 50% more raw power in every tanning lamp.

If you are serious about tanning, and looking to get the most out of every session, don't mess around with ordinary tanning lamps, step up to pure, raw, power: Power Bronzer by SunMaster

RUVA Technology Explained
RUVA tanning lamp technology demonstrated
The left image is a regular lamp that emits light in all directions, meaning half the light shines AWAY from you.  On the right is a RUVA tanning lamp, like the Power Bronzer, which has a reflector INSIDE the actual tanning bulb.  This means that all the tanning power is focused directly on your skin for maximum results, in just 10 to 15 minutes.  You get up to 50% more total UV out of the same lamp, for deeper, darker tans than any regular lamp can deliver.
Technical Info

Life rating: 800+ hours
(5+ year at home)
UVB rating: 6.5% RUVA, 9% effective
Color: blue
Sizes: F71 100w only
Hotness factor: very high
Bronzing factor:  very high

Designed for hard core tanners who want maximum, raw tanning power.  For beds with 24 or more lamps only.

Skin types: Average or darker skin only.  Not for sensitive or easily burned skin.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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