PhotoTech 12k - 660nm/835nm red light therapy bed

This is a higher density, dual frequency system with 11,520 LEDs, half 660nm and half 835nm (infrared). Commonly used by chiropractors, sports teams and gyms for the temporary relief of pain. Built on the same frame and structure as our 8k system, it hosts many more LEDs for a much higher intensity experience.

red light therapy LED systemNext, we do what no other red light LED manufacturer does: We use an extruded tube to hold the LEDs. To the eye, they look like odd looking T8 fluorescent tubes, but they aren't fluorescent at all. They use a solid aluminum shell for direct cooling, acrylic dome for protection, and use a custom driver made exclusively for us. This means if any row of LEDs ever failed, it takes just a few minutes to replace it. Unlike LED panel systems, ours are 100% user serviceable, and based around industry standards. They produce much less waste heat than fluorescent tubes, so the client is more comfortable, and your air conditioning requirements are negligible.

Instead of using a handful of 5w LEDs, we use almost 12,000 smaller LEDs, which makes it run cooler, puts out more 660nm and 835nm light, and makes them last longer. Average lifespan of the LEDs should be up to 20,000 hours and they are replaceable. This is 60,000 sessions at 20 minutes each. Put another way, 2 sessions per hour, 10 hour days, 300 days per year = 10 years. Average session is estimated at only 15 minutes, so your number will actually be better.

Call now and talk to Rick about purchasing one of these premium LED systems. Costing a fraction of similar powered systems, and delivering almost a full factor more power than fluorescent tubes, the PhotoTech LED is the system that will differentiate you in the marketplace, letting you give your clients more, while spending less. 1-800-274-1744 x123

Uses 32 of our exclusive double row 660nm and 835nm LED sticks with 360 LEDs per individual channel, for a total of 11,520 LEDs.
Power requirements: 208/240 @20amp circuit (NEMA 6-20)

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660835Retail: $28,999.00Our Price: $14,999.00

Note: While the system standardizes on a F71 size strips, you can NOT run fluorescent lamps in this system (ie: tanning lamps or 633 red light bulbs). Attempting to do so will instantly blow out all the bulbs, and will likely cause some to shatter or explode. This system is not a "converted tanning bed" and MUST use the PhotoTech LED strips ONLY.