Dear Friends,

Over the last couple of years, we have been working closely with several major lamp manufacturers and lamp patent holders with the goal of creating a new standard in tanning lamps.  This includes Philips, Light Sources, Inc. and others.  The net result is the creation of a new generation of SunMaster tanning lamps that are beyond anything we have ever done.

Our new ClearTech series of lamps are a revolutionary design that will change everything in the replacement lamp industry.  We have licensed Sol Glass technology from LSI and have been working with LTI of Hungary to create a completely new line of lamps that will deliver the largest jump in UV output in tanning history.  These new lamps don't trade UVB for UVA output, and instead use a completely new patented glass that is much more transperant to ultraviolet.  In short, you get more UV with a standard ClearTech 20 than you will with the hottest RUVA lamp.

We have also spent three years designing a new reflector lamp that will work in tanning beds that traditionally were not able to use RUVA lamps, including almost every 24 lamp tanning bed made.  Our new ReFlex series of lamps was developed in cooperation with Philips and features a smaller reflector section and a broader light pattern.  While most RUVA lamps have 180 to 210 degrees of reflector, the ReFlex has 120 degrees, so light can exit the sides of the lamp.  Many hours of testing have gone into the design, to insure no chance of striping or other unwanted side effects.  Our first lamp in this series is the ReFlex Bronzer, which is a 5% Special RUVA (typically 15 minute exposure).  Others will follow.

We have several new lamps to announce as well, including our Pro Reflector, Power Bronzer and Wildcat 8.5%.  2007 was our busiest year ever for lamp sales and already 2008 looks to be the biggest year ever for SunMaster.  We will continue to work to develop the most advanced tanning beds and lamps, and we want to thank all our SunMaster customers over the last two decades that have help us become the leading maker of replacement tanning lamps.  Have a great year!


Rick Pierce,
Founder and President
UVA SunSystems, Inc.

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