24 Kit VS Reflector

This is a kit of 24 lamps

It isn't hard to make a lamp "hot". The problem is, the hotter you make it, the less bronzing you get, so you just get a lamp that is good for getting you red, instead of tan. By licensing reflector technology from SunMaster, the VS HOT Reflector can give you the best of both worlds. A really hot lamp that has more bronzing lamp than a standard bronzer, all in one high quality lamp.

How is this possible? The reflectors in your tanning bed (the shiny metal behind the lamps) isn't very good at reflecting UV. It's better than nothing, but it isn't the best solution. The real solution is to put a reflector INSIDE the lamp. This material is better than aluminum, and since it is reflected before the light leaves the lamp, you will see a 50% increase in total bronzing power. Here is a diagram that explains how this works.

The lamp on the left is a cutaway of a normal lamp. Light goes in all directions. Half goes to you, the other half goes away from you, and most of it is lost. With SunMaster RUVA technology, we are able to get 50% more UV to you, so you get maximum hotness and maximum bronzing. No ordinary lamp compares.

Because of the reflector, we don't recommend this lamp for beds with less than 20 to 24 lamps, as the intensity can cause stripping on your skin if you use in a 16 lamp bed with wide lamp spacing.

Note to Salons: Letter of compatibility is not available as these are not designed for salons. Commercial salons that operate tanning beds all day long should look at the SunMaster Pro Series instead, which has twice the life for just a few dollars more.

This is a kit of 24 lamps

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