24 Kit VS Plus 6.5%

he VS Bronzer Plus is a slightly hot rodded version of our bronzer lamp, with 18% more UVB for faster tanning: 6.5% UVB instead of 5%. 6.5% is the most popular rating for tanning lamps that we sell, as they are hotter than stock lamps, but not overly so. Perfect for people who tan easily or needs a little more hotness in their lamp. These are great quality lamps designed by SunMaster for people who are very price sensitive. These compare well to lamps that others sell for much more. Expect years of high quality tans.

Designed specifically for home tanning bed, they come in both F71 and F73 sizes. Built and backed by SunMaster as a less expensive alternative to our commercial salon lamps, we put decades of experience in every bulb. There is a minimum order of 16 lamps with Virtual Sun bulbs.

Note to Salons: Letter of compatibility is not available as these are not designed for salons. Commercial salons that operate tanning beds all day long should look at the SunMaster Pro Series instead, which has twice the life for just a few dollars more.

This is a kit of 24 tanning lamps.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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