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10 years in the making, this new PhotoTech 633nm red light therapy system blows everything out of the water, with an intensity that rival many medical grade 633nm systems. Over 3 decades of experience go into each of these LED systems.

Comparing tube vs tube with fluorescent lamps, the PhotoTech 633nm tube emits 20 times the amount of light between 631nm-655nm, the range that makes all 633nm beds work. That isn't a typo, it really is that much stronger. Fluorescent tubes are strongest at around 620-627nm, well below the target of 633. They still produce a fair amount of 633 due to bleed over. Our LED systems peak at 632nm, right in the sweet spot for maximum results. What all this technical stuff means is simple: Fluorescent bulbs do ok but most of the light you see is the wrong frequency. Our LEDs put almost every watt of power exactly in the sweet spot. That is how you get 20x more real world power, better and faster results.

How can we build a $35,000 red light therapy system and sell it for a fraction? Rather than build a bench only design, or new clam shell system, we inherit the SunMaster E Series frame. We've sold tens of thousands of these for tanning and traditional red light therapy systems, and they stand up to abuse well. They are powder coated, 100% welded steel construction, and built for decades of use in a commercial environment. Using this proven and popular platform saves us hundreds of thousands in engineering.

Next, we do what no other red light LED manufacturer does: We use an extruded tube to hold the LEDs. To the eye, they look like funny looking T8 fluorescent tubes, but they aren't. They use a solid aluminum shell for direct cooling, acrylic dome for protection, and use a custom driver made exclusively for us, to our specifications. This means if any row of LEDs ever failed, it takes just a few minutes to replace it. Unlike LED panel systems, ours are 100% user serviceable, and based around industry standards. 633nm is NOT the same as heat, so any heat you feel from a system is wasted energy. Because our LEDs are so efficient, the LEDs produce a lot less waste heat, so the client is more comfortable, and it is much easier to control the temperature in the room.

Our digital timer system is programmable, so if you use the onboard time, you can program the maximum session to be 15 minutes, 16, 23, 31, anything you want up to 40 minutes. Of course, we have a timer port connection, so you can connect to any remote timer system you like.

Instead of using a handful of 5w LEDs, we underpower a great number of smaller LEDs, which makes it run cooler, put out more 633nm light, and makes them last longer. Average lifespan of the LEDs should be up to 20,000 hours and they are replaceable. This is 60,000 sessions at 20 minutes each. Put another way, 2 sessions per hour, 10 hour days, 300 days per year = 10 years. They don't exactly "get weak", so as long as they are shining, there is no need to replace them.

PhotoTech LED (Coming soon) PTLED$15,000.00

Note: While the system standardizes on a F71 size strips, you can NOT run fluorescent lamps in this system (ie: tanning lamps or 633 red light bulbs). Attempting to do so will instantly blow out all the bulbs, and will likely cause some to shatter or explode. This system is not a "converted tanning bed" and MUST use the PhotoTech LED strips ONLY.