Phototech 24  bulb fluorescent system

All steel phototherapy machine that delivers maximum results while still running at 120V. Same design as our 32 lamp version, just fewer lamps. Up to 50% more efficient than any 230V platform, so it costs up to 50% less to operate, yet delivers better output. Uses 32 Rejuvenessence 100R lamps. Based on our popular Alpha XL series of tanning beds, but produced NO ultraviolet. 633nm (low band red) output for proven cosmetic benefits.

This unit produces NO ultraviolet and is not used for tanning. Since it only uses visible light, it is unregulated in all states except Texas for use in salons (Salon owners in Texas should call first for information).

Extremely durable frame means decades of heavy usage with a minimum of maintenance. No lamp starters, no 230V circuits, no buckboost transformers. Next generation electronics system, same as all SunMaster products. Just plug into the wall and turn it on.

Tunnel design with individual reflectors, plus each lamp has a built in reflector for maximum 633nm saturation. Expect better results than in a converted tanning bed, due to the better electronics and special extruded acrylic design.

Generates higher lumen output than a converted tanning bed, and yet produces up to 80% less heat AND consumes 30% to 50% less electricity. The key is the high efficiency electronics.

Dimensions: ~39" wide by 81" long
Power: 120VAC @ 16.5A. 20 amp circuit required (NEMA 5-20, plug shown)
(Dedicated circuit required for commercial service)
Electronics: High Frequency electronic (solid state) under patent.
Lamps: 24 x Renewal or Rejuvenessence ultra high output
Frame: Solid steel, European tunnel design, welded construction.
Finish: Powdercoat baked on finish in platinum color.
Session: 30 minute timer
Center frequency: True 633nm
Assembled in the USA.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

rejuv24Retail: $4,999.00Our Price: $3,299.00

Red Light Brochure for Spa/Salon (200 count)Red Light Brochure for Spa/Salon (200 count)
Perfect for any day spa or similar business offering professional red light therapy. Printed on professional quality 100 lb. glossy card stock, tri-folded (z folded) with a place to stamp your spa's name and contact information. Content is general promotion of red light therapy and not specific to any brand of system. Sold in packs of 200.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day


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