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01/12/2006 - Availability of SunMaster Custom Tanning Lamps
01/13/2006 - Introduction of the SunMaster Custom Shop by Rick Pierce, Founder and President of UVA SunSystems, Inc.
01/15/2008 - Availability of new SunMaster Lamp Technology - by Rick Pierce
09/29/2006 - Availability of SunMaster Pro Series Tanning Lamps - by Rick Pierce
100 Proof
140w to 160w lamps
140W-160W Lamps
16 Kit VS Bronzer 5%
16 Kit VS HOT Bronzer 8.5%
16 Kit VS Plus 6.5%
24 Kit VS Bronzer 5%
24 Kit VS HOT Bronzer 8.5%
24 Kit VS Plus 6.5%
24 Kit VS Reflector
24 Tanning Lamp Kits with 400w Facial Bulb
3-in-1 Hearts
30 amp Buck Boost Transformers
3rd Generation SunMaster Lamp End (Two hole)
400w Face Bulb
Aloha Black
Alpha Sun 24 - Sold Out!
Alpha Sun 24 Shadow - backordered
Alpha Sun 24B - Sold Out!
Alpha Sun One Year Limited Warranty
An Essay From
Appointment Book
Audio and Video Support
Background Information on UVA SunSystems, Inc.
Baja Beach
Bare Feet
Beach Bunny Black
Beach Kings
Beach Sun 6.5
Beach Sun 6.5 RUVA
Beach Sun 6.5 VHO
Beach Sun 6.5 VHOR
Beautifully Dark
Big Hoss Bargain
Black Chocolate
Black Chocolate - Coconut Cream
Black Honey
Black Intense Triple Hot
Black Pineapple Passion
Black Sensation
Black Summer
Bloomin' Dark
Body Drench Classics
Brilliance 5.0
Brilliance 6.5
Brilliance 8.5
Brilliance Tanning Bulbs
Bronze Monster
Buck/Boost Transformer - 230V/20A - Minus 12V
Buck/Boost Transformer - 230V/20A - Minus 16V
Buck/Boost Transformer - 230V/20A - Minus 24V
Buck/Boost Transformer - 230V/20A - Plus 12V
Buck/Boost Transformer - 230V/20A - Plus 16V
Buck/Boost Transformer - 230V/20A - Plus 24V
Buck/Boost Transformers
Call Me Maybe
Canopy Tanning Units
Cheetah 9.5%
Cherry Bomb
Choke Ballast 180W
Choke Ballast 400W
Choke Ballasts
Choke Style - 100W
Choke Style - 140W
Choke Style - 160W
Choke Style - 80W
Cleaning Supplies
ClearTech 120R
ClearTech 120R - 24 Lamp Kit
ClearTech 120R - 26 Lamp Kit
ClearTech 120R - 28 Lamp Kit
ClearTech 120R - 32 Lamp Kit
ClearTech 120R - Kit of 30 Lamps
ClearTech 20
ClearTech 20 - 24 Lamp Kit

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