The Delicious Kit - 65% off!

These scrumptious tanning lotions smell good enough to eat! Exceptional value for around $10 a bottle plus get one free pair of iPodz to boot.

Honey Dew Hemp
This mouthwatering formula is flowing with skin nourishing organic hemp seed oil and honey dew extracts to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, while powerful tanning accelerators provide deliciously dark results that your skin has been craving for.

Coco Nutz
This Dark Bronzing tanning lotion provides insanely rich color while hydrating Coconut Oil conditions and locks in moisture. With mad color and skin so sweet this Natural Bronzer is what your skin will go crazy for.

This deliciously dark bronzer drenches your skin and leaves your skin looking lusciously soft and smooth. So dark and sweet it is the perfect tanning lotion that your skin has hungered for.

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deliciouskitRetail: $85.94Our Price: $33.50
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