Big Hoss Bargain

Go big, or go home! This kit has all the right products to help you build the darkest tan possible! The kit is designed to give your skin the right elements, at the right stage of your tanning, for maximum darkness, moisturization, and depth of tan. If you follow a program like this, we will guarantee you better results than just using any old lotion or (gasp!) none at all.

This kit contains 4 bottles of premium tanning lotion and one pair of Flexisoft all at a discounted price. Enough to share with family or friends.

Week 1 and 2 - Hoss Sauce Dark 8oz. ($13)
With the extra moisturization, vitamins and minerals your skin needs when you first start back tanning. This lotion is designed to lay the foundation of healthier-looking skin, so your tan will is less likely to peel or fade.

Week 3 and 4 - Hoss Sauce Super Dark 8oz. ($15)
An advanced accelerating lotion, formulated to take your tanner past the first tanning plateau.

Week 5 and 6 - Hoss Sauce Ultra Dark 8oz. ($18)
Is the "ULTIMATE ACCELERATOR" and the favorite of ten's of thousands of tanners throughout the world. Ultra Dark is a favorite formula because of its extreme intensity and wonderful rich results.

Week 7 and beyond - Hoss Sauce Super Dark 16x ($19)
A superior lotion containing 16x bronzers to take your color to the next level.

HSKIT1Retail: $65.00Our Price: $31.35